Tell me the difference between a Callgirl, Girlfriend, and Wife. Santa answered: Prepaid, Postpaid and Unlimited.

Banta: Why is divorce so expensive? Santa: Because it’s worth it.

Santa: I have more Fans than You.. Banta: That’s not a huge thing, I have an AC at my home.

Translate in English –  Apne hi kiye pe paani pher dena? Santa Thinking and answered: FLUSH

Santa: I Think That Girl Is Deaf.. Banta: How? Santa: I proposed her but she showed me slippers.

Banta: How was the word ‘Wife’ invented? Santa: Someone took the first two and the last two letters of Wildlife!

Banta Recording baby’s voice. Santa– Why are you recording? Banta: When he grows up, I will ask him what he meant by that.

Interviewer: What is your birth date? Santa: 13th October Interviewer: Which year? Santa: EVERY YEAR

Santa Banta finds a 100 rupee note  Santa – What should we do now? Banta– We’ll take 50:50. Santa– What about the remaining 90?