Although you may think it is harmless, but this can make you hate Fast Food!

Anything Related To Health Emergencies

Internet is full of mis-information as well. This can lead to serious repercussions!

Anything Related To Your Favorite Show That You Haven’t Watched Fully Yet

Unless you want any spoilers, please don't search it!

Don’t think about asking Jigger pictures to Google Assistat.

Its a type of a insect that digs itself in the skin and lays its eggs!

How Can I Lose Weight?

Again, the mis-information which can lead to serious consequences

What is Krokodil?

Its a drug that literally "cooks" the skin and causes serious infections!

Calculus Bridge -  A mouth/dentistry problem.

Its worse than it sounds, so please don't be brave enough to search it

Do You Better Than Alexa?

Its fun if you want to hear some savage burns from the Google Assistant!

Where’s My Phone?

If you wanna know how much Google knows about you, then this is the one!