160+ Hilarious Dinosaur Puns & Jokes

Looking for some hilarious dinosaur puns to let go of some stress? You have landed on just the right page.

Puns are basically a creative and funny use of a word so that it sounds like having two meanings.

For example, Why did the mustache go to the bank? To open a shavings account. In this joke, the word shaving has been used as it sounds like “savings” and is relatable to “mustache” as well.

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So now, you must be wondering what are dinosaur puns, right?

These puns are basically created keeping in mind the world of Dinosaurs including their types, species, and basically everything else. Trust me, you’re going to enjoy these puns more than any other jokes you have ever heard!

Although Dinosaurs are dead, these Dinosaur puns won’t die and will continue to make you laugh for years to come.

So, here begins the fun you were waiting for!

Best Dinosaur Puns Online

Here are the best dinosaur puns you can read online! This list comprises the very best puns about dinosaurs you can enjoy with your friends –

#1. What do you call dinosaurs in the 21st century?

#2. What do you call a dinosaur that never accepts defeat?
A saur loser.

#3. The job is tough, do you think you can do it?
You bet Jurassican!

#4. What do you call the dinosaur with an extensive vocabulary?
A thesaurus!

#5. What would an angry dinosaur eat?
A human!

#6. What do you do when you see a dinosaur on your way home?

#7. What do you call a dinosaur who’s had a breakup?
A T-Ex.

#8. Where does Grandpa Dinosaur take his grandson dinosaur in the morning?
In the Jurassic Park.

#9. What do you call a dinosaur who is always grumpy?
A grouchy-saurus.

#10. What do you name a dinosaur that goes to buy clothes?
A dress-o-saurus.

#11. What would Harry Potter be if he was a dinosaur?
A dinosaur-cerer.

#12. What is a dinosaur’s least favorite reindeer?
The Comet.

#13. Why did the dinosaur want to go to space?
To see if there were dinos on other planets.

#14. Why did the dinosaur buy a ring for his wife?
He wanted to give her a gift for their anniver-saur-y.

#15. What do you call a dino that doesn’t eat meat?
A veggie-saurus.

#16. She’s feeling cold. Let my arms be raptor-ound you.

#17. Hey, you did well. You were T-Rexcellent.

#18. Tea-Rex.

#19. What do you call a group of singing dinosaurs?

#20. What is the favorite dish of dinosaurs?
Jurassic Pork.

#21. What do you call an anxious dinosaur? Nervous-rex.

#22. What is the baby dinosaur called?

#23. My throat hurts. I think I have a saur-throat.

#24. What is a dinosaur called who has no money?
A no-dough-saurus.

#25. What do magician dinosaurs use as their spell?

#26. What do call dinosaurs whose eyes are weak?

#27. What do dinosaurs see in their nightmares?
An asteroid.

#28. Why did the construction company invite dinosaurs to measure the area?
Because they had scales!

#29. Why did no one sleep around dinosaurs?
Because they dino-snores loudly.

#30. Why can’t T-Rex lift the dumbell?
His hands were small.

#31. Do you think they saurus?

#32. What do you call a dinosaur that scores low in an exam?

#33. Why don’t the dinosaurs use the computer?
Because they are afraid of the mouse.

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Dinosaur Puns One Liner

Dinosaur puns one liner

Use these Dinosaur puns one liner to inject your witty sense of humor in boring conversations and double the fun –

#1. Dino-mite.

#2. Ter-ribly saur-ry.

#3. I dino what to do!!

#4. He knows some saur-cery.

#5. Sight for saur eyes.

#6. Are you saur? (Sure)

#7. You rapto-riffic.

#8. Tee-Rex.

#9. T-wreck.

#10. Saur loser.

#11. Dino-store.

#12. Dino-sty.

#13. Dino-chores.

#14. Be careful here, you may brachio-bones.

#15. No need to worry, Isano-thing.

#16. What do you call a tax paying dinosaur? Tyrannosaurus Tax.

#17. Have a roar-some day!

#18. A dinosaur that is willing to give a shot is called Try-ceraptors.

#19. Who is the scariest dinosaur? Terror-dectyle.

#20. What do you call a dinosaur that joins the police? – Tricera-cops.

#21. Alor-saurus.

#22. What do you call a dinosaur who cooks Italian? Pasta-saurus.

Christmas Dinosaur Puns

Let’s see some hilarious chirstmas dinosaur puns that will win over your heart! Don’t miss them –

#1. What do you call a dinosaur that loves Christmas carols?
A carol-saurus!

#2. Merry Rexmas!

#3. What did the dinosaur decorate for Christmas?
A Tree-Rex!

#4. Merry Rawr-ing Xmas!

#5. What do you call Santa Clause of Dinosaurs?
Santa Claws

#6. Why did the dinosaur send a Christmas card to everyone?
He wanted to wish everyone a dino-mite holiday!

#7. Why did the dinosaur cross the street during the Christmas season?
To get to the other jingle-bell-rock!

#8. Why did the dinosaur bake chocolate cookies for Santa Claus?
He wanted to be on the nice list, not on the fossil list!

#9. What do you call a dinosaur who feels cold all the time?
An ice-saurus!

#10. What do you call a dinosaur who loves to ice skate during Christmas?
A skatosaurus!

#11. Why was the dinosaur excited for Christmas morning?
Because he was an eager-saurus!

#12. What did the dinosaur say to his friends when they were at the Christmas party?
“I’m having a roarin’ good time fellas!”

#13. Why did the dinosaur wear the Santa hat?
Because he wanted to be a ho-ho-horosaurus!

#14. Why did the dinosaur dress up as an elf for Christmas?
Because he wanted to help Santa-saur deliver the presents!

#15. What do you call a dinosaur who loves to go caroling in the snow?
A frosty-saur!

#16. Why was the dinosaur afraid of the reindeer?
Because the reindeer’s name was comet!

Flirty Dinosaur Puns

Flirty dinosaur puns are a great ice-breaker and an amazing way to spice up a conversation between you and your partner –

#1. Don’t be fooled by my T-rex arms, I can reach everywhere!

#2. I am an omnivore. I eat everything (wink)

#3. Whoa! That is the best tricerabottoms I have ever seen!

#4. Girl, if you were a dinosaur, you would be a Gorgeous-aurus.

#5. Damn, jurASSIcs beautiful!

#6. Wanna ride a raptor? Lucky for you, I am here!

#7. I like you so much, I could catch a T-rex for you.

#8. I like dinosaurs, you like dinosaurs, let’s get this thing going.

#9. I wanna make her dino-saur.

#10. If you don’t answer me right now, I’ll try-nosurus again!

#11. Babe,don’t know if someone has told you this or not, but you’re a dino-mite.

#12. Let me make your loneliness extinct just like dinosaurs.

#13. You know T-rex had small arms so he couldn’t hug you. Luckily, I can.

#14. What do dinosaurs love to drink?
Nothing, they’re dead.

#15. How do you call a dinosaur?
Well, you might need a time machine coz they’re extinct.

#16. Do you know “Roar” means “I love you” in dino language?

#17. Can you name 15 dinosaurs?
Sure. 5 T-Rexs and 10 Triceratops.

#18. Hey, are you a raptor? Because I wanna ride you around town!

#19. Do you know how long dinosaurs lived?
The same way as the short ones.

#20. If you were a dinosaur, you would be a fabulo-saurus.

#21. Let me show you why they call me the pleasure-you-saurus?

#22. You’re making my heart-saur!

#23. Wanna play “Find the dinosaur” in my room?

#24. That’s the best tricerabottoms I have ever seen in my life!

#25. So my place or roars?

#26. Would you like to pretend an archeaologist and dust my bone?

#27. Why did the dinosaurs die millions of years ago?
So that you can see the day!

#28. Whenever I’m with you, my heart soars like a Pterodactyl.

#29. What did the carpenters use to shape wood back in dinosaur’s era?
A dino-saw!

#30. What comes after the dinosaur?
Its tail ofcourse.

#31. What did the dinosaur say when he saw the volcano explode?
“What s lavaly day!”

Dirty Dinosaur Puns

Wanna get dirty with these dirty dinosaur puns? These puns work well when your squad has an equal humor level as you.

Be sure to use them wisely –

#1. Wanna see my bonersaurus?

#2. Can’t spell Jurassic without JurASS.

#3. Do you know they have just discovered the last remaining megalodon?
Yeah, it’s called mega-long-dong and it’s right now, it’s in my pants.

#4. Which is the worst Jurassic Park movie?
All of them!

#5. What do dinosaurs love to drink?
Rex on the beach!

#6. Every time you go, I have vestigial feelings for you.

#7. Wanna hibermate together?

#8. Kiss me if I am wrong, but dinosaurs still exist, don’t they?

#9. Hey, are you a dinosaur?
Because Jur-ASS-sick!

#10. Why don’t dinosaurs like cheesecake very much?
Because they’re dead.

#11. What do you call a dinosaur with one eye?

#12. Do you wanna find out why they call me the Erectus?

#13. Le’s play “Find the Dinosaur”. Here’s a clue – It’s in my pants!

#14. Hey, help me out, I think I’m getting a Bonersaurus!

#15. I’d like to make her dino-sore!

#16. I’m like the T-Rex. We both like meat. Especially yours!

#17. My stegosaurus wanted to see you.

#18. I’m not good about dinosaurs but the ladies do call me Lickalotopuss.

#19. I know the best way to plesiosaur a woman. Wanna find out?

#20. Just pretend you are an archeologist and dust my bone.

#21. Girl, are you a triceratops or a tricerabottoms?

Cute Dinosaur Puns

cute dinosaur puns

Here are some cute dinosaur puns for you to enjoy –

#1. Where does the Tyrannosaurus sit when he comes?
Anywhere he wants to.

#2. Why are there old dinosaur bones in the museum?
Because they couldn’t afford a new one.

#3. What do you call a dinosaurs fart?
“Blast from the Past”

#4. What do you call a Triceratops who scores his first goal?

#5. What do dinosaurs put on their pizza?

#6. How come three giant dinosaurs got under an umbrella but didn’t get wet?
Because it was not raining.

#7. What should you do if you see a dinosaur sleeping in your bed?
Find somewhere else to sleep.

#8. What does the T in T-Rex mean?
It means Terrifying.

#9. Where did the dinosaur go when the sun went down?
In the dark.

#10. What is in the middle of dinosaurs?
The letter “S”.

#11. Where do dinosaurs get their mail?
Dead-letter office.

#12. What should you say when you see a two-headed dinosaur?
Hello, hello!

#13. Why did the policeman give T-Rex get a ticket?
Because he ran straight through the stomp sign.

#14. Why do dinosaurs eat their food raw?
They don’t know how to cook.

#15. Why was the dinosaur scared?
He saw a comet.

#16. Why was the dinosaur not allowed to go to school?
Because he was too big to fit in it.

#17. Which dinosaur is pure evil?

#18. What should you do if you see a dinosaur sleeping?
Do anything, he can’t hear you.

#19. What does a Triceratops sit on?
On his Tricera-bottom.

Dinosaur Puns For Birthday

Looking for some dinosaur puns for birthday. Find the best of them in the following section –

#1. What do you call a living T-Rex?

#2. Which movies are most disliked by dinosaurs?
The bad ones.

#3. What is the ghost of a dinosaur called?
A scaredactyl.

#4. Why are teenage dinosaurs so moody?
Because of the ROARmones.

#5. Which dinosaur is made of cheese?

#6. Wallmart started a new outlet for dinosaurs, do you know what is it called?

#7. What is the best way to talk to a velociraptor?
From Long-distance!

#8. What is T-Rex’s favorite number?
8 (Ate).

#9. What is a Canada-returned dinosaur called?
Torontosaurus Rex.

#10. What do you call a dinosaur that asks a lot of deep questions?
A philosophiraptor.

#11. What do dinosaurs like to put in their pasta?

#12. What should you do if you see a T-Rex?
Pray that it doesn’t see you!

#13. What does a dinosaur call a porcupine?

#14. What did the dinosaur say when he went to the cashier?
You can keep your climate change.

#15. Which dinosaur do sailors like the most?
The mast-odon.

#16. Why was the stand-up comedian dinosaur booed?
Because he was not humerus.

#17. What materials do dinosaurs use for the flooring of their houses?
Rep Tiles.

#18. What should you do if you see a blue Ichthyosaur?
Try to cheer him up!

#19. What did the T-Rex tell Woody after eating his toy?
“You got a friend in me”

#20. Why do brontosauruses have long necks?
Because their feet smell.

#21. Which dinosaur was a military veteran?
The Ammo-saurus.

#22. Which quote do dinosaurs use for motivation?
“Jurassic times call for Jurassic measures”

#23. Why couldn’t the dinosaur drive his car?
Because they didn’t have fossil fuel.

Wrapping Up

There you have it folks! The best dinosaur puns you can find online. If you are looking for some fresh humor, then these puns are perfect for you. They are witty, creative, and hilarious. We hope you enjoyed this ultimate collection of puns about dinosaurs.

Use these puns and add fun to normal conversations and dull scenarios anytime, anywhere. If you liked the blog, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family! Till next time!

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