19 Things You Should NEVER Do In India

India is a country of diverse people, cultures, cuisines and a lot more! There are millions of things you can do in India that will serve as a lifetime experience for you but there are still a few things you should NEVER do in India, and I repeat – NEVER!

The list has some funny, witty and critical points that you can consider in your “Not To-Do List”. Although you can find millions of things you can try and experience in this great nation, there are things however that you should refrain from doing.

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So what are those? What are the things that you should avoid doing in this peaceful but a gigantic country? Curious to find out? Well, let’s get on to it then!

Here Are 19 Things You Should Never Do In India

Don’t let the headline bother you much, we ain’t sharing things like – don’t bring drugs or illegal stuff in India, but we have some really interesting things to share –

1. Never Wear Shoes or Slippers In Temple


Indian people are very religious and they like to keep their place of worship clean and hygienic. This is a very old tradition in India that one never wears any shoes or slippers in temples.

The reason being – you guessed it right, cleanliness. By keeping shoes away from the temple compound, such places are kept clean and very hygienic. So if you are going to a temple, make sure you leave shoes or slippers outside.

And don’t worry that someone can steal them because no one does that. And even if you footwear gets stolen, wear someone else’s to continue the cycle (:p).

2. Don’t Showcase Your Affection or Love In Public

Things you should never do in India

Apart from being religious, Indians are somewhat orthodox too. It doesn’t mean they impose too much restrictions of some sort but, they try to keep everything as sober and sophisticated as they can.

Showing affection or love in public is considered a bit of a taboo in the society and you would face some fierce backlash if you do so. Therefore, a humble request – if you want to show you love to your partner, find a quiet place!

3. Don’t Criticize Cricket

things you should never do in India

Cricket is more than a sport in India. It is considered a religion and cricketers are regarded as biggest celebrities. You must know how great people consider is Sachin Tendulkar – The God of Cricket!

So, criticizing Cricket is one of the crucial things you should never do in India. Watch it, enjoy it and cherish the relationship people have with the game, but don’t criticize it.

4. Don’t Point Your Finger In Public


Indians get offended easily! Relax, its not a warning but its a heads-up. Now you wonder what’s pointing fingers got to do with getting offended, well, it does.

When you point a finger in public, it can easily be misunderstood by someone on the other end that you’re talking about him/her, even if you aren’t. This isn’t considered okay because no one likes strangers talking about them.

So, refrain from doing if you want to continue enjoying your day.

5. Don’t Touch Anyone With Your Feet

Another classic example of how quickly people can get offended in India. If you touch anyone with your feet, it is considered offensive. Not because you wanna hit them but it is still taken as an invitation to fight.

Trust me, you don’t want people to think like that. So, ensure you feet don’t touch anyone, and even if it does, make sure you apologize instantly to give an idea that it was accidental.

6. Don’t Expect That You Can Pay With Credit Card Anywhere

paying through credit card

A lot of vendors in India still rely on hard cash. The Western “card-culture” hasn’t fully been deployed in India as of now so if you think street vendors (sometimes shop owners as well) will happily accept your credit card as payment, you are wrong.

Always carry some cash when you are in India. It is a safe practice so you stay out of money troubles in case you end up at a place where you cards aren’t accepted.

7. Don’t Smoke In Public Places

Smoking in Public

Although smoking isn’t banned in India, but smoking in public places is. Smoking is considered bad and deadly for health, so Indians try to keep their children away from smoking as much as they can.

So, if you have an urge to smoke in public place, find a quite or less public place and no one will disturb you at all.

8. Don’t Expect That Everyone Speaks English

As per government report, literacy rate in India is around 74% in 2022. But what’s important to note is that not everyone speaks English. If you expect the auto-drivers, rickshaw drivers or street vendors to talk in English, you might be wrong.

A major portion of the country still isn’t well-versed in spoken English so always make sure you either know the local language or have someone who does.

9. NEVER Think of Eating Beef

This one is a strict NO-NO. Beef is banned in most parts of the country and is not considered noble eating beef and sometimes can lead to violent consequences.

The reason being the love and godly respect for cows in India. Here, cows aren’t just farm animals, they are considered as a mother-figure, a god. Another sensitive topic except religion and politics that you don’t wanna get into.

So, among all the things you should never do in India, this one is the most-important one.

10. Don’t Give or Take Anything With Your Left Hand


Being religious comes with a pinch of superstitions as well and Indians are a good mixture of both. Although it isn’t that serious but taking or giving anything, especially money and prasad, isn’t considered a good sign in India.

The reason given is that left hand is often considered unclean as it is used to clean yourself after using the toilet, cleaning your feet, etc. Therefore, you should always be using right hand for receiving things.

11. Avoid Wearing Tight Clothes

Indians have adopted a conservative code of dress where you dress “sophisticatedly”, especially in rural or less urban areas. It is advised to wear a dress that covers your legs properly.

When visiting temples, it is very important to cover you legs, shoulders (and sometimes head too). Although nothing serious will happen, but you would feel uncomfortable having too much eyes on you.

12. Don’t Criticize Religious or Political Group

In India, religion and politics are the least favorite topics you should discuss with anyone! So it is advised to stay away from such discussions because a simple chat can turn into an argument real quick.

Indians love to talk about their religion and political party or group their support, but if you want to criticize them, please drop the idea. These are very sensitive topics and can hurt or offend anyone in a second.

13. Don’t Roam Late At Night on Lonely Roads

Why? First and the biggest reason – Your own safety. I’m not saying India is unsafe for people roaming late night, but it is good to ensure you take proper safety measures.

Late night roaming specially on lonely roads isn’t safe in any country so it is advised to no do so in India as well. Always choose the roads with some footfall or crowd and don’t trust strangers at all.

14. Don’t Address Elder By Their Name


Addressing elder by their name is one of the major things you should never do in India. Here, elders are respected and honored and it is an accepted practice to be humble while talking to them.

Calling elders by their name is somewhat considered disrespectful in India and some might get too offended. Although it is common in the West to address people by their name no matter who they are, but its restricted in India.

15. Don’t Wear Bikini

One of the biggest things you should never do in India is – wear Bikini (unless you’re on a beach in Goa). Since you know Indians are a bit orthodox and have a conservative vision when it comes to women, wearing bikini doesn’t match their practices.

Unlike West where it is a common practice as people are a bit modest and open-minded, Indians are a bit opposite. So, it is strongly advised to wear “decent” clothes that doesn’t raise a lot of eyebrows.

16. Don’t Expect Punctuality


Indians are funny, hard-working, intelligent but what they lack is punctuality. Its very rare in the country! So if you are the one who gets ready at 8:45 for a meeting at 9 and reaches at 8:58, then you might be disappointed in India.

Indians like to do everything in a relaxed manner and they don’t hurry at all (in most cases). So, best advice be chill and if you think you’re running late, you might be running on time.

17. Don’t Drink In Public

Drinking isn’t considered noble in India and when you drink in public, like on roads or malls, it sends a very negative message across. Many people in India don’t consider drinking as acceptable and try to avoid doing so.

Although a big proportion of the population do enjoy drinking, but privately. Bars, resto-bars and lounges that serve alcohol are in huge numbers so it is easy for you to find a place to drink peacefully.

18. Don’t Drink Tap Water

things you should not do in India

Tap water isn’t clean and drinkable in many places and might contain bacteria that can degrade your health. The major reason being the dull and improper water supply system.

Best bet is to carry a mineral water bottle with you when you go out and refill it from proper water coolers. Even when you visit any restaurant or café, make sure to order mineral water rather than regular water.

19. Don’t Visit Only The Popular Destinations

India is rich in natural and urban magnificence. Here, you’ll find mesmerizing views of mountains, rivers, valleys and forests along with amazing examples of architectural brilliance too.

This is why, people only plan their visits to popular destinations. But you’ll find many more amazing spots, places and monuments that you didn’t even dream of. Majority of these hidden tourist attractions are so good, you won’t even miss the popular ones.

To Summarize,

India is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and you should visit India once in your life to experience the culture, religion, vibes and taste of the land. This experience will make you fall in love with the country, but always remember these things you should never do in India.

If you have a friend who you think is gonna need this blog, do share it with them and educate them about India a little! Thanks for reading!

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