101 Sun Puns To Make You Day Brighter

Welcome to the sun-niest collection of sun puns. If you’re a pun-lover who enjoys wordplay and appreciates the sun’s brightness, then you are at the right place.

We bring to you an amazing collection of sun puns that adults, as well as kids, can also enjoy. When you go through this blog, you will not only enjoy funny sun puns but also get a dose of humor from sun jokes.

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Puns about the sun are a great way to brighten your day and add a touch of humor to your casual conversations. Sharing these puns with your mates will generate quality humor and make them laugh out loud.

Using these puns you can break the ice or can make people chuckle around you. The best thing about these puns is that you can crack them anywhere without worrying about the consequences.

So are you ready to laugh out like a monster? Here begins our funny compilation of sun puns that are too hot to handle.

Funny Sun Puns

#1. Let’s have some sun today!

#2. Like father, like the sun!

#3. See you sun then!

#4. He is such a nice per-sun-ality.

#5. You’re my sol-mate.

#6. You are not a kind per-sun.

#7. I gave the sun a Google Maps rating – but it was only one star.

#8. Compari-sun between sun and moon is not possible.

#9. Give me a strong re-sun.

#10. Buddy, don’t take it per-sun-ally.

#11. Meet him, he is my grand-sun.

#12. Sunrays during summer are sun-stoppable.

#13. Been there. Sun that.

#14. I left a skull out in the sun. It became bone dry.

#15. Once a month, I eat a sundae.

#16. The sun got into trouble because he went a step too star.

#17. The sun fell madly in love this morning; it was love at first light.

#18. When all is said and sun, I prefer the summer.

#19. Today is very hot, it looks like it’s Sun-day today!

#20. The desert sun is brilliant. It has over a hundred degrees.

#21. When the sun comes up, nitrogen becomes daytrogen.

#22. It’s Sunday, let’s go have some sun!

#23. The sun’s only son is its sole-heir.

#24. When the sun marries, it will be a matching shade in heaven.

#25. The sun is a real gas, always turning up the heat!

#26. I asked the sun for a light, but it was already lit.

#27. I tried to compliment the sun, but it was already feeling pretty bright.

#28. The sun is always the life of the party – it never leaves early!

#29. I’d make a sun pun, but they’re too bright for me.

#30. I tried to hug the sun, but it was a little too hot to handle.

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Puns Using The Word Sun

#1. Why did the sun go to school? To get brighter.

#2. Is sunbody there?

#3. I’m a huge fan of the sun. It’s the reason for my season!

#4. Sun Franciso is Sun’s favorite city.

#5. Let’s enjoy Sun-day.

#6. It is the man-sun of The Queen.

#7. You are not alright, sun thing happened with you.

#8. The sun must be pretty smart – it has a lot of degrees.

#9. Sun is mourning person.

#10. Meet my elder sun.

#11. You are such a amazing per-sun.

#12. Sun puns always stuns us.

#13. Have sun!

#14. You are very sun-ny!

#15. Reading books is my pas-sun.

Hilarious Sun Jokes

Sun Jokes

#1. What time of day is it best to have sushi?

#2. What did the sun say to his wife?
Baby, you are my sol-mate.

#3. What do you call pancakes that got too much sun?

#4. What do you call it when you eat lemons at sunset?
The golden sour.

#5. Why is the sun not very heavy to carry?
Because it is really very light.

#6. What is brown, hairy and wears sunglasses?
A coconut on a summer holiday.

#7. Where does an alien send her babies to get brighter?
To the sun.

#8. Where do sheep go on their summer vacation?
To the Baa-hamas.

#9. What are the sun’s favorite chocolate bars?
A Milky Way

#10. Why is the sun so popular at parties?
Because he is the sunniest.

#11. Why did one of the five corn kernels not pop?
He was wearing sunscreen.

#12. What would a female sun’s favourite song be?
Girls just wanna have sun!

#13. When the sun madly falls in love, what is it called?
Love at first light.

#14. What is another fancy name for a sun fart?
A solar flare.

#15. What does a pigeon with sunglasses on say?
Coo man coo.

#16. What does the sun say to his kid?
I love you, sun!

#17. What kind of dogs like sun tanning?

#18. Why do judges hate going out in the sun?
They want to be fair.

#19. Why does everyone love sun jokes?
Because they are de-lightful.

#20. How does the sun greet the moon?

#21. What is the sun’s favourite dessert in summer?
An ice cream sundae.

#22. What do you call the sun’s favorite music?
A solar playlist.

#23. What would the sun say if he had a wife?
You are my sol-mate.

#24. What will reading sun jokes under the sun make you?
Well red.

#25. What keeps the sun held up in the sky?

#26. What does a potato say on a sunny morning?
What a mashing day.

#27. What are hot cups also known as?

#28. What keeps the sun held up in the sky?

#29. Which Marvel supervillain loves being under the sun?

#30. Which superhero spends too much time in the sun?
Cap-tan America.

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#31. What do you call coffee with sunglasses and tattoos?
Cool beans.

#32. Why did the sun feel so dizzy?
Because he felt light-headed.

#33. How do solar panels take their eggs?
Sunnyside up.

#34. What do cowboys make when the sun comes up?

#35. How does the sun like his eggs for breakfast?

#36. What is a sun’s favorite song by ‘Queen’?
Another sun bites the dust.

#37. What do we all make in the morning when the sun rises?
A: A shadow.

#38. What did the Sun say when it saw Venus?
Are you Sirius?

#39. What keeps the sun held up in the sky?

#40. What does the sun say after waking up every morning?
“Rays and shine!”

#41. What song do girls on beaches listen to?
Girls just wanna have sun!

#42. What do Australians use for their sunburn?
Aloe, mate.

#43. Why did the rose stop dating the sunflower?
She only saw him as a frond.

#44. What do pigs say when they stay too long under the sun?
I am bacon.

#45. Why did the sun go to the beach?
To catch some rays!

#46. How does the Sun deliver light to Earth?
Through the Light Post.

#47. How do trees feel after winter when the sun shines bright again?

#48. What type of flower grows in the surface of the sun?
An Ultra-Violet

#49. What do Australians use for their sunburn?
Aloe, mate.

#50. What did the sun expert say about traveling to space?
Been there, sun that.

#51. How does the sun drink its coffee?
Very, very solar.

#52. Why did the sun get grounded?
Because it kept staying up too late.

#53. Why was the sun excited to go on vacation?
To get a good tan.

#54. Why did the sun get a ticket?
Because it was parked in a no-Sunshine zone.

#55. Why shouldn’t you stare at the Sun without a mask?
Because you’ll get Corona Iris.

#56. Why did the rose stop dating the sunflower?
She only saw him as a frond.


And that concludes our blog on sun puns. Admit it, these puns and jokes have the potential to give you a much-needed break from this monotonous daily life. You can be the center of attraction among your friends after cracking these puns about the sun.

Hope you enjoy reading this blog till the end. Don’t forget to share this blog with your friends and family to make them laugh.

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