Celebrate The Brother-Sister Bond With These Raksha Bandhan Wishes 2023

In this year’s calendar, the Raksha Bandhan falls on 30th August and we know you can’t wait for the occasion! The love, the fights, the sweets, and the family gathering all make this festival a great celebration. That’s why we bring to you these Raksha Bandhan wishes to share with your siblings and cherish your relationship even more.

Raksha bandhan is made from two words “Raksha” means to protect and “Bandhan” which is a bond and the basic meaning of Raksha Bandhan is bond of protection which is given by the brother to his sister.

According to the Hindu calendar, Raksha Bandhan, also known as Rakhi, is observed on the final day of the month of Sharavana. The story of Raksha Bandhan goes back to Mahabharata when Lord Krishna cut his finger and Draupadi tore a piece from her saree and tied to his finger.

Lord Krishna promised to protect her from all evils throughout her life which he did during the time when Kauravas tried to disrobe Draupadi. Krishna provided her with unending saree cloth and kept her covered from the embarrassment. The cloth that Draupadi tied, became a symbol of the relationship of brother and sister.

This is why, on Raksha Bandhan sisters tie Rakhi to their brothers and pray for his health and prosperity; in exchange, the brothers give their sisters a present and swear to keep her safe from all problems.

Rakhi symbolizes the purest form of bond between a sister and a brother. Despite tears, jokes and complaints, Raksha Bandhan is a symbol of the affection and love that a brother and sister have for one another.

A brother-sister bond is one of the strongest social forces in the world. So let’s make this day more auspicious by sharing these Raksha Bandhan wishes with your siblings!

Best Raksha Bandhan Wishes For Your Brother Or Sister

Here’s the list of most adorable Raksha Bandhan wishes that you can send your brother & sister and make this occasion even more memorable –

We might not be together on this Raksha Bandhan, but that doesn’t change my love for you. I promise to always take care of you and protect you. Happy Raksha Bandhan!


When boys had a sister like you, their parents never had to hire investigators. Happy Rakshabandhan to the cruelest sister.

This thread that connects lives and hearts is a string of love and unity. Happy Raksha Bandhan!

Only a big brother like you is able to support like a buddy, annoy like a sister, care like a mother, and love like a father. Happy Raksha Bandhan!


Thank you so much for being my friend, my guardian, and for being equally weird with me. You are the world’s greatest brother. Greetings on Raksha Bandhan!

I could look all around the world, but you are the best brother I could find. Brother, happy Raksha Bandhan! 

First of all, a very “Happy Raksha Bandhan” to you, my sister. This Raksha Bandhan, I promise I will always hold your back. Every time you look behind you, I’ll be there.

Raksha Bandhan Quotes -2

I hope all of your desires come true and that you have a lifetime of happiness and smiles. Happy Rakhi!

I pray that God will grant you good health, tranquility, and abundance. Happy Raksha Bandhan!

You can depend on me to be there for you whenever you need me. You have my undying affection and best wishes! Happy Raksha Bandhan.

Cute Raksha Bandhan Quotes -2

You are the greatest present my parents ever gave me. I adore you a lot, brother! Happy Raksha Bandhan!

I hope our relationship gets stronger this Rakhi as each year goes by. Greetings on Raksha Bandhan!

I appreciate you always being my rock. To have a brother like you is a great blessing to me. Greetings on Raksha Bandhan!


We argue, we fight. But I will always love you. I wish you a happy Raksha Bandhan, my sister.

Being responsible, mature, and sensible all the time is challenging. What a blessing to have a sister with a young heart like your own. Greetings on Raksha Bandhan!

I wish you the most amazing Raksha Bandhan bhai. I love you the most and can’t imagine my life without you.

My dearest brother, may you live a happy, prosperous, and long life. I’m sending my love and best wishes your way. Greetings on Raksha Bandhan.


Some More Raksha Bandhan Wishes

Wait, there’s more! Raksha Bandhan wishes haven’t ended! Given below are few more amazing wishes that you can share with your brother and sister on this special occasion –

Little brother of mine I can’t predict how life will turn out, but I can guarantee that no one will ever be able to take your place in my heart. Greetings on Raksha Bandhan.

You make my life lovely, delightful, and frivolous. Happy Raksha Bandhan, my dear, dear sister.

Best Raksha Bandhan Quotes

I want to wish you a very Happy Rakhi in the tiny hope that our love for one another never wanes!

I wish you luck and success on this auspicious Raksha Bandhan holiday and whatever you want.

Every time I see my rakhi, which you tie around my wrist, it brings me wonderful memories of our time together. Dear Sister, Happy Raksha Bandhan!

Raksha Bandhan Quotes

As time passes, a brother and sister’s love grows stronger by sharing and caring. Greetings on Raksha Bandhan!

On this Raksha Bandhan, I would like to mention that you are the best brother and mean the world to me. Greetings on Raksha Bandhan.

My sister, I simply cannot picture my life without you. I’m writing to let you know how much you mean to me. I’m sending you my best wishes and a bear hug right now.

Cute Raksha Bandhan Quotes

Similar to how both eyes are required to see clearly, our presence is crucial to add colors in honor of two. To my closest brother, Happy Rakshabandhan.

To my childhood bully, soul brother, guardian, and greatest friend, what would I have done without you? Happy Raksha Bandhan Bro!


Each Raksha Bandhan festival that we have celebrated together has been better than the last. It’s you who makes it exceptional, after all! I wish you a happy Rakshabandhan, my sister.

Missing the arguments and immense love we experienced as kids. I wish you a Happy Rakshabandhan!


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And Finally

Raksha Bandhan is the festival which helps the sister and brother’s relationship to grow stronger and we sincerely hope that our adorable Raksha Bandhan wishes helped you do that. Make your sibling feel happy and loved that you have them in your life.

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Enjoy A Sweet And Fun Raksha Bandhan!

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