81 Funny Popcorn Puns to Make You Laugh

Finding popcorn puns that can add a touch of humor to any conversation is not easy. So we have compiled a super amazing list of puns about popcorn to entertain and amuse you.

In this blog, you will not only get a dose of puns but also enjoy popcorn jokes to spice up a conversation. Trust me, you’re going to appreciate these puns and jokes, keep reading till the end.

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If you belong to those categories of people who love reading puns then you will relish our today’s blog. From witty wordplay to clever quips, these popcorn puns are filled with buttery, salty, and full of flavor.

These puns can also use to break the ice and are perfect to make people chuckle around you. Do you know what’s best about these popcorn puns? You can crack them anywhere without worrying about the consequences.

So grab a bowl of popcorn and get ready to indulge in some corny humor. Let’s get popping!

Funny Popcorn Puns

#1. I’m popping with excitement!

#2. For popcorn, pirates charge a buck-an-ear.

#3. I’m feeling a little corny today.

#4. Bad popcorn jokes are corny.

#5. Don’t stress it – butter do it!

#6. You’re a-maize-ing.

#7. Time to butter up your pleasure senses!

#8. We’re butter together.

#9. Do you come ear often?

#10. Keep calm and pop some corn!

#11. Popcorn listens well because it was all ears.

#12. Don’t be a kernel-head.

#13. My love for popcorn is un-poppable!

#14. A dog’s favorite type of popcorn is a pupcorn.

#15. A popcorn’s favorite holiday is In-the-pan-dance Day.

#16. A baby corn calls his dad pop corn.

#17. You look popper than ever today!

#18. Don’t be so salty, let’s just have a kernel of fun.

#19. Thanks for the pop-portunity.

#20. I’m feeling a little corny, but in a good way.

#21. Let’s pop some more corn.

#22. It’s so hot. I’m going to pop.

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#23. Don’t bring corn on a plane. Its ears will pop.

#24. I’m popping up with ideas!

#25. I’m corn-fident that this is the perfect snack for us.

#26. I corn-tinue to serve my duties.

#27. The popcorn called the police after being a-salted.

#28. Dogs love pup-corn.

#29. You’re my butter half.

#30. Baby corn, mama corn, and popcorn.

#31. Popcorn is the corn-erstone of any movie night.

#32. You can pop in anytime.

#33. Paw-pcorn.

#34. I’m popcorn-fused about what to do next.

#35. Looks like you are corn-fused!

#36. Corn-gratulations. You made popcorn for the first time.

#37. Greatness is corn-tagious!

#38. You’re the seasoning to my popcorn.

#39. This snack is corn-sidered a classic for a reason.

#40. You’re the salt to my popcorn.

#41. Don’t be a corn-head, share the snack with others.

#42. I just popped in for a snack!

Popcorn Jokes

#1. What do you call a smart piece of popcorn? A clever-el.

#2. Why corn-t he pop the question?

#3. What did the kernel’s friend ask him? What’s popping?

#4. Why don’t popcorns make good detectives? They always leave a trail.

#5. Why is popcorn so happy? Because it always gets to pop!

#6. What do you call a popcorn that can’t hear? A kernel-deaf.

#7. What do you call a kernel that’s gone bad? A pop-corn.

#8. Where do you throw popcorn? In the corner.

#9. What should be the name of a band for corn? Pop-korn.

#10. What do you call a kernel that’s too cool for school? A pop-star.

#11. Why did the popcorn go to see a movie? To get “buttered” up!

#12. What should you use to make spicy popcorn? Poprika.

#13. What’s a popcorn’s favorite TV show? Pop Idol.

#14. How did the popcorn husband praise his wife? You are a-maize-ing.

#15. What do kernels do in their free time? Hip pop dance.

#16. What’s a popcorn’s favorite song? Pop Goes the Weasel.

#17. Why did the popcorn go to the therapist? It had kernel issues.

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#18. What was the gymnast popcorn famous for? Its sommer-salt.

#19. What type of movie do popcorn kernels prefer? Popcorn flicks!

#20. Why did the popcorn go to the farmer’s market? To get fresh

#21. What’s a popcorn’s favorite dance move? The pop and lock.

#22. What’s a popcorn’s favorite type of music? Pop.

#23. Why do balloons hate kernels? Because they might pop.

#24. What kind of pizza toppings does corn get? Popperoni.

#25. What kind of corn do dogs like? Pupcorn.

#26. What should be the name of a band for corn? Pop-korn.

#27. What kind of corn likes to eat meat? The corn-ivouros ones.

#28. How does a popcorn taste past its expiry date? It Shucks.

#29. What do you call a popcorn who’s always happy? A kernel of joy.

#30. What kind of dance move do popcorns love? Popping and locking.

#31. For what crime do popcorns never get charged? Being engaged in the buttery.

#32. What did the popcorn say to the movie theater usher? “This is going to be popping!”

#33. Why did the popcorn go to the doctor? It had a popping sound in its ear.

#34. Why did the popcorn refuse to watch the movie? Because it was too corny.

#36. What competition did the popcorn win the first prize in? Pop quiz.

#37. What do Corn cobs call their father? “Pop” corn.

#38. What do you call a popcorn who’s always on the go? A kernel-maniac.

#39. What does popcorn use for money? Corn “Bread.”

Sum Up,

And there you have it. Admit it, Popcorn puns are a great way to add lighthearted fun to any conversation. As these puns involve clever wordplay and funny punchlines, they guarantee entertainment. When you use these puns on your buddies, you’ll become the center of attraction.

So this was the ultimate collection of puns about popcorn. Our team sincerely hopes you enjoy reading the blog. Also, comment down the best puns from this amazing compilation of popcorn puns.

Thanks for reading!!!

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