12 Most Nostalgic Games of 2000s That We Absolutely Miss

Gaming was the best fun part of our childhood! Coming back from school, we all would just sit in front of our TV, plug in the video game cassette, and start the joy ride! To refresh those sweet memories, we have brought the most nostalgic games of the 2000s era that every adult loves and misses everyday!

Road Rash, Vice City, Super Mario, and other classic games were some of the best games that we enjoyed playing in our childhood days. These games molded our childhood and used to be a thing of pride among friends. You should also play these games and trust me when I say this, it will take you back to those childhood memories.

Even though games today are fantastic, cooler, more engaging, graphically sound and a lot more interesting, but there’s something about these classics that make them an OG even though they stand nowhere near the games of 21st century. Whenever I play these Nostalgic games of 2000s, I instantly feel as a kid again.

So, here goes the list of the most nostalgic games of the 2000s.

Most Nostalgic Games of 2000s That We Miss

Are you ready folks? The upcoming content will take you back to your childhood and will revive the sweet memories of the most nostalgic games of the 2000s –

12. Bomberman (1983)

Let’s start the list of these Nostalgic games of 2000s with Bomberman. It is one of the most popular games in our childhood and probably has a rough picture in your head.

Your cute and humorous little man needs to place bombs in various locations to kill all the insects, at the same time, look for a door that leads to the next level.

He (meaning you) would place bombs carefully because there’s a danger you’ll set one off accidentally and lose a life. Furthermore, each stage contains a secret skill that can be used to pass through walls, lay multiple bombs, operate them remotely, or even install more bombs.

Bomberman has 50 stages and after all these stages get complete it returned to back to stage one. Remember anything?

11. Battle City (1985)

Who hasn’t heard of this legend? Battle city was simple yet at the same time too addictive. Everyone typically enjoyed playing Battle City because it was a timeless classic and demanded complete attention.

Battle City was a multidirectional shooting game and had 35 stages with each stage getting harder and harder as you progress through it.

Your job was to defend your base, which was symbolized by a phoenix, by killing the tanks of your enemies. If you mistakenly destroy your own base, the game ends for you and your team.

Battle City was particularly favorite of my family! We would fix a time and then sit with each other to wrap up the game. It was too much fun, entertainment and family bonding!

10. Adventure Island (1986)

I still remember when I used to fight with my brother because he won’t let me play Adventure Island aka Islander. This game was sooo addictive having 32 stages and an engaging story of the rescue of princess Tina.

So, the protagonist would pick fruits to increase stamina on Adventure Island as he moved forward, which was challenging but exciting.

You’ll have to protect yourself from various animals, like frogs, snails, crows, fire, and even plunging into the water, in addition to moving forward and facing other threats.

The player’s character, Master Higgins, only had three lives to save the princess. Higgins would be given an additional life after the player’s score hits 50,000 points.

The game was a perfect mix of adventure, thrill and excitement, which makes it one of the best nostalgic games of 2000s

9. Project IGI (2000)

Project IGI: I’m going in was probably the first “First-person” shooting video game that many people would have played. The game had the first-person view of things and gave the feeling of you actually being in that situation!

David Jones, the protagonist, was our favorite soldier back then and every 90s kid would relate when I say, they wanted to join the Army after playing the game.

There was a central story of Jach Priboi stealing nuclear device and our hero goes on a hunt to retrieve it.

There were multiple missions staged around the story and had different kind of threats. But what’s cool was the kind of weapons we get to use.

From sniper rifle to assault rifles and from grenades to shotguns, we had everything. Man, the game was great! And I miss it every single day.

8. Super Contra (1987)

Long before the era of PUBG & GTA Super Contra used to rule the gaming world. It was one of the most popular and addictive games in our childhood that we would play as soon as we got back from school.

So, in the game, you only had three chances to finish the each stages of Super Contra, there were 8 in total, but I’m sure you must have used those cheat codes to increase your chance from 3 to 30.

The character would start on one end and then go on towards the end fighting all the obstacles in the way where it would face the ultimate threat.

For 90s youngsters, this legend is more than just a game, it’s an emotion. We used to indulge in it for hours during our childhood days.

And the soundtrack is worth remembering as it was a perfect adrenaline rush!

7. Pac-Man (1980)

Here comes the perfect classic & amusingly addictive game we’ve played in our childhood. All you had to do was to eat those dots placed in the maze and it was a never ending affair!

Pac-Man will lose a life if he is grabbed by a ghost; the game is over after all lives have been lost.

Pac-Man was in a way revolutionary arcade game that came out in 1980s. It was then one of the best-selling arcade game in history! Even today, people love playing it.

The entertaining Pac-Man kept us occupied for hours. Playing the game was a fun, entertaining, engaging and challenging task tbh and spending time on the game didn’t even hurt.

Btw, you can play it online too, just search for “Pac Man” on google and you’ll have the play option online!

6. Counter-Strike (2000)

Next up on these most nostalgic games of 2000s comes the game which brought out the “Rambo” in us, yes it was Counter Strike.

The game was made for the serious dudes who wanted to enjoy the thrilling and breathtaking military missions. In contrast to other multiplayer competitive shooters, this one was well-balanced. In CS, teamwork is required to kill enemies by shooting them until they are dead.

Initially only available on PC, Counter-Strike wasn’t particularly well received for a variety of reasons.

Since Counter-Strike has always been a fairly significant esports game, when Valve rectified everything, Counter Strike GO quickly caught up to its predecessors in terms of popularity.

It’s incredible how many people still play it and in fact, it has become an addiction for millions of competitive gamers.

5. Road Rash (1991)

Road Rash is next one on the list of these nostalgic games of 2000s. My brother and I used to take turns on the bike. Every time one fell down from the bike, the other person would get to ride until the next fall.

It was guaranteed fun every single time. There are always two types of people who play Road Rash – Those who ride the bike, and those who enjoy crashing into the other bikes.

My best friend loved to target the police while I accelerated with the nitro boost cheat. Although the graphics were mediocre, but who cared?

All we enjoyed was the fun and snatching of game console to get our turn.

The only drawback of the game was that Road Rash was for one player only. But playing the same game simultaneously with two players at once was just as entertaining and competitive.

I guess boys get the urge to ride bikes from Road Rash only, it is truly one of the finest games to be every built.

4. GTA San Andreas (2004)

San Andreas was the game that actually allowed you to live the character, feel it, and customize it any way you wanted. Other games had characters, but this game had a life!

“CJ” the name had become a symbol of swag among the friends. We have actually lived the life as CJ in our childhoods and it was a memorable one!

The missions, the city, the countryside, the characters and everything about the game is just awesome! You can easily snatch a car and keep driving ramming everyone in the way as a great pastime and you won’t get bored.

I miss how much I love the time I spend playing GTA San Andreas. If given the chance, I’ll go back to the moment.

3. Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005)

Hands down to this incredible game which made our childhood much more memorable. And every boy will agree when I say that this game gave you your first childhood crush, Mia, didn’t it?

As a early teenage boy, the game was so addictive that you would spend hours playing it and won’t even realize it.

I still have that plot and those amazing cars in my mind. The Graphics and the awesome soundtracks, along with the racetracks, and the tension when you saw the cop cars, everything was perfect.

Although there have been numerous additional chapters released throughout the years, true game lovers will always be tempted to play NFS: Most Wanted repeatedly. Why not!! it brings back everything from those days.

2. Super Mario (1985)

Super Mario has to be among the top of most Nostalgic games of 2000s. This game was the most fun part of our childhood and the motivation to go back home.

When we were very young some of us used to go to our friend’s house to play on his console most weekends because our parents didn’t allow us to play video games or didn’t have any.

What made the game better was the soundtrack, it literally made the game so much fun. The cute soundtrack was enough to bring smile on our faces.

The game included Mario who had to save Princess Toadstool, but first, he must gather coins and go through different worlds which had challenges of its own to reach her.

I hope you have the image of the adorable princess in your head. I’ve loved the Mario series and have always been enamored with Mario ever since I was a young boy.

1. GTA Vice City (2002)

Can you find a boy who hasn’t played this game or doesn’t love it? Folks, presenting the king of all Nostalgic games of 2000s, GTA Vice City.

Trust me, GTA Vice City was more than just a video game! It was an escape from the boring life, it was a ride to a whole new world.

This video game came out in 2002 and soon after became a cult classic. Legendary and hugely popular in its day, people are still playing it in 2022.

We were able to spend the entire day doing that incredible taxi, ambulance, and helicopter missions.

And even if we didn’t have any mission, we would simply wander around in the city. It was a great feeling only walking or driving on the roads!

Cheat codes like Panzer, Aspirin, Leave Me Alone, Fanny Magnet, and Seaways make this game much more fascinating.

I wish I forget everything about the game and go back in time to start playing GTA Vice City all over again to relive the golden old days of our lives.

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The Final Stage,

No one on this planet, in our opinion, can dislike these classics! These nostalgic games of 2000s symbolize the feeling, those days and the ever lasting memories of playing them when we were kids.

Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below. Did we miss any other classic game of 2000s? Let us know that too in the comments. And if you like it, please share it with your childhood buddy and take them back to their childhood days. 

Old is gold, as they say! Respect them!

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