7 Most Controversial Indian TV Shows Ever!!

Success in the TV industry depends on how many eyeballs you can capture. What better way is there to grab attention then controversial content? So, today we present to you these 7 most controversial Indian TV shows.

Indian TV was believed to be just a drama house where family dramas were shown but these shows proved everyone wrong. Some of them had so much of controversies that they were made to shut down in the middle of shooting.

Others were in the news because of their content and some of them were just too sensitive for TV audience. Yes! These are the major controversial Indian TV shows of all times.

Here goes the list – Enjoy!

Most Controversial TV Shows In India

#7. Raaz Pichle Janam Ka

The show had a unique concept of past life which was hosted by Ravi Kishan and included a professional psychologist.

The show’s concept was simple – they would invite individuals on stage and the psychologist would hypnotize and take them to their past life.

Famous celebrities appeared on the show and went on the ride of their past life which was both – cringe and interesting at the same time.

Celina Jaitley saw herself as a soldier of German army who lost their life in WW 2. Chunky Pandey saw himself as captain of a ship who was stabbed in the back and Shekhar Suman saw his son who died at a very young age.

#6. Pehredaar Piya Ki

Pehredaar Piya Ki was aired on Sony Entertainment Network channel and was heavily criticized for its content. This show is probably the only one on the list of controversial Indian TV shows that was built as a daily soap.

The criticism and hatred grew so much that the makers even had to shut down the show in the middle.

The story of this show revolved around a wealthy Rajput family where an 18-year old girl is forced to marry a 9 year old boy to fulfil a dying man’s wish.

The girl quickly notices the family members are after the property whose heir is the boy and try to snatch it from him. But the girl stands in the way to protect her husband.

The show was heavily criticized for its content as it promoted child marriage in a way. The content was labeled as unfit for national television and it was shut down in middle of its shooting.

#5. Maa Exchange

This was the Indian adaptation of the popular US series “Wife Exchange”. Although the makers weren’t allowed to copy the concept entirely, they thought of Maa Exchange.

The center idea of the show was to bring women from different backgrounds and exchange their homes so they can attempt to look after each other’s family.

The show helped people understand each others’ lifestyle and the difficulties that came with it.

The major talking point of the show was actress Alaya F who appeared on the show and made her TV debut before she appeared in Jawaani Jaaneman. Her mother Pooja Bedi was also a contestant on the show.

#4. Roadies

Who can forget the raging Raghu and Rajeev duo that made this show the most infamous reality TV show of India. There was a time when the country witnessed a wave of roadies as every Indian youth wanted to become a roadie.

Roadies basically was a sports and strategy based reality TV show where contestants were selected from all over the country and then would compete in a series of events eliminating each other to win the prize.

The major controversies related with Roadies were its auditions where things would get heated up between judges and contestants. People would curse each other and sometimes would even scuffle.

The list of controversial Indian TV shows can never be completed without Roadies!

#3. Emotional Atyachar

The show, hosted by Pravesh Rana, Emotional Atyachar gave us the memorable “Biggini Shoot” meme that you can never forget!

Emotional Atyachar centered around troubled relationships and suspecting partners. The idea was to put a person into uncomfortable situations and see their faithfulness. You can get an idea about how heated segments this would produce!

A crew member would go with them acting as if they are interested in the person in suspicion. They would even film the everything without the other person noticing.

Privacy was thrown away, consent was buried and voyeurism was aired like a common thing and that too on national television.

#2. Superdude

The show actually shows you how to woo a girl in the most controversial and bizarre way possible. The show was hosted by Ashmit Patel with Neha Dhupia, Sofiya Hayat and Madhura Naik as judges.

The show featured male contestants who were given a series of tasks with females to impress the judges. The man who impressed the judges the least would then be eliminated from the show.

The show was criticized for showcasing women as objects and having vulgar and inappropriate scenes that were too sensitive for TV.

#1. Bigg Boss

No other show can top the list of most controversial Indian TV Shows other than Bigg Boss. For over 15 years, this show is being aired on prime TV channels and has generated a lot of controversies during this time.

From KRK’s outrage to Swami Om throwing his urine on contestants, this show has seen it all. The situation worsened when the makers were ordered to change the telecast time of the show from 9 PM to 10:30 PM.

Salman Khan has been hosting the show since 2010 and has attracts a lot of audience to the show every year.

However, unlike other shows on the list, Bigg Boss is the only one that is still running and will probably keep on running in future as well.

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