91 Moon Puns To Take You on a Comical Adventure

What if I tell you have just found the best moon puns on the internet? Don’t trust me? Keep reading these moon puns till the end and I guaranteed you will be blasted off into a world of lunar laughs and cosmic comedy.

In this blog, we will also take you to full-moon puns and moon jokes that will surely leave you laughing. Do you know what’s best about these puns? These puns can turn up any boring serious situation into a humorous one.

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In the past few years, moon puns and jokes have evolved but we bring the best ones for you. If you want to generate quality humor, crack them with the people around you. Also, you can use these jokes to break the ice with whom you left talking some time ago.

Whether you want to be the center of attraction or want a good dose of humor, then the moon puns are only for you. So, sit back and relax as now comes a laughter ride of hilarious jokes from our side that will surely make you laugh out loud.

Best Moon Puns

#1. Wait for a moon-ite

#2. I hope you know how much you moon to me!

#3. Good to see you, catch you lunar!

#4. You rock my world!

#5. Believe me, you are very space-ial for me.

#6. See you moon!

#7. You must be the moon because you shine even when it’s dark.

#8. What’s com-moon between you and him?

#9. Can’t you use your i-moon-gination?

#10. He made tre-moon-dous effort.

#11. I love you to the moon and back.

#12. An astronaut stepped in gum on the moon. He’s stuck in orbit.

#13. Moon-opoly – The best game to play in space.

#14. Never moon-ipulate me.

#15. You are moondy.

#16. My world revolves around you.

#17. You have grown up and should act like a moon(man)

#18. Comoon (Come on), join us!

#19. You rock my world!

#20. I’m a lunatic for you!

#21. Honey, I love you to the moon.

#21. Moondays are very boring.

#22. The moon told the sun a joke, but it didn’t shine.

#23. Living costs on the moon would probably be out of this world.

#24. I’m over the moon about this news!

#25. I wonder if the moon prefers coffee or gravi-tea?

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#26. Don’t forget to come back moon!

#27. Dust the way to go.

#28. Mooning is very ASStrological.

#29. Look on the bright side.

#30. Make an apollo-gy for your mistake.

#31. The moon must be a big cheese because it’s always in the sky.

#32. I tried to tell a joke about the moon, but it didn’t land well.

#33. I’d move to the moon but the cost of living is astronomical.

#34. I will get back to you on this within a moonite.

#35. Are you a lunar-tic?

#36. The cow jumped over the mooo-n.

#37. What does that moon (mean)?

#38. I tried to make a joke about the moon, but it was a total eclipse of the humor.

#39. I’m going to moonwalk my way to the dance floor.

#40. The moon must be a night owl because it’s always up late.

#41. The moon must be really popular because it has its own fan base.

#42. I find these moon puns a-moon-sing.

#43. Good mooning sweety.

#44. Can’t you use i-moon-gination?

#45. Astronaut break up with his girlfriend because of space.

#46. Hope you know how much you moon to me!

#47. When the moon moans. You know the sun has gone down.

Full Moon Puns

Moon Puns

#1. Why did the moon skip dinner? Because it was already full!

#2. I asked the moon if it wanted to hear a joke, but it was full and couldn’t laugh.

#3. Why was the moon so full of itself? It was just a phase.

#4. The full moon was feeling sad because it couldn’t eclipse its problems.

#5. The moon went on a diet, but it was still a full-figured celestial body.

#6. I suspect the moon wasn’t hungry last night. It looked full.

#7. I asked the moon if it was feeling okay, and it said “I’m just going through a phase”.

#8. Why is the moon so hungry? Because it’s only full once a month.

#9. The werewolf went to the bank during the full moon. It needed to get a haircut.

#10. I tried to take a picture of the full moon, but it kept coming out a little lycanthropy.

#11. The moon tried to write a book, but it was a little spaced out.

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Moon Jokes

#1. What’s the first day of the week called in outer space?

#2. What did the Moon say to Saturn? Give me a ring sometime.

#3. Why did the moon burp? Because it was full.

#4. What’s the best drink they make in space? Le-moon-ade!

#5. Why is the moon bald? It has no ‘air.

#6. What do you call a meal from the moon?
A satellite dish.

#7. Why did the moon call its friends?
To tell them it’s feeling a bit blue.

#8. How does the moon cut his hair?
Eclipse it.

#9. What is the moon’s favorite cartoon? Lunar-toons.

#10. What did the cow say to the moon?
Nothing. Cows don’t speak.

#11. What kind of books does the moon like to read?

#12. Where did the cow after visiting the moon?
To the Milky Way.

#13. How does the Moon hold up it’s trousers? With an asteroid belt.

#14. What do you call a bug on the moon? A lunar-tick.

#15. What does the moon like to have on its toast? Space Jam!

#16. Why did the moon go to the pet store? It wanted to buy some Lunar-ticks.

#17. Why did the moon feel broken? Because it was down to its last quarter.

#18. Why did the moon go to the psychiatrist? It was feeling a little luna-tic.

#19. What dance do all astronauts know?
The moonwalk.

#20. What is a vampire’s favorite type of moon? A blood moon.

#21. What holds the moon up?
Moon beams!

#22. Why did the moon refuse to go to the party? Because it was already full!

#23. How would the moon get their baby moon to sleep? They rocket!

#24. Where do astronauts park their spaceships on the moon? Beside a parking meteor.

#25. Why is the moon so conceited at times? It becomes full of itself.

#26. I’m Buzz Aldrin – The second person to step on the moon. Neil before me.

#27. What do you call a moon that’s always on the phone? A cell-u-lunar.

#28. Why did the astronaut break up with his girlfriend? He needed his space.

#29. What do you call a moon that’s been arrested? A full moon!

#30. What did the moon say to the sun at breakfast? “Morning, Sunshine!”

#31. Why did the moon run to the bathroom? Because it was full!

#32. I asked my doctor if I was allergic to the moon, but he said it’s just a phase.

#33. Why did the Moon get a job as a pastry chef? It wanted to make some moon pies.

To Conclude,

So this was our ultimate compilation of moon puns and jokes to brighten your day and give you a reason to howl at the moon with laughter.

We hope you enjoyed reading these puns and jokes till the end. Use our comment section for letting us know your best pick from this amazing list of puns and jokes.

Till then, see you!!!

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