71 Jokes About Boxes That Will Tightly Sealed You With Laughter

Boxes are a part of our daily life but no one thought that these boxes are a great way for generating humor. Jokes about boxes have been making people laugh for decades and are perfect for quick laughs.

After putting a lot of effort of research these jokes, we have compiled an ultimate list of box jokes. In this blog, we will also share box puns and box one-liners that will have you in stitches.

We bet these jokes have the potential that can turn up a boring moment into a humorous one. Do you know what’s best about these jokes? You can crack them anywhere with your buddies to make the laugh out loud.

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Whether you’re looking for a good laugh or want to start a conversation, then jokes about boxes can be handy. So, sit back and relax as now comes a laughter ride of box jokes from our side!

Best Jokes About Boxes

Jokes About Boxes

Ready for some great laugh? Here begins our ultimate collection of jokes about boxes.

#1. Why did the box go on a diet? It wanted to become a lightbox!

#2. What’s the number one item shipped by amazon? Cardboard boxes.

#3. Why did the box feel depressed? Because it had a lot of baggage.

#4. I would make a belt out of cardboard. But it would be a waist of paper.

#5. What kind of cabbage comes in cardboard? Box choy.

#6. If you’re in a box, you can’t think outside the box.

#7. What do you call a Transformer in a cardboard box? Amazon Prime.

#8. Most jokes and cardboard boxes have one thing in common. They’re recycled.

#9. The waitress asked me if I wanted a box for our leftovers. I said no but I’ll wrestle you for it.

#10. I went to the stationery shop and found they had given me cardboard instead of paper. I am going to write them a stiff letter.

#11. What’s the difference between me and a cardboard box? A cardboard box isn’t always empty on the inside.

#12. Claustrophobic people are more productive in thinking outside of the box.

#13. I got fed up playing poker and blackjack the other day. I was cardboard.

#14. Why did the box break up with its girlfriend? She was too square.

#15. I love buying cardboard boxes online. You always get one more than you pay for.

#16. The baseball team replaced the pitcher due to too many boxes.

#17. I bought a science book about box-mosis.

#18. Why would anyone fill a box with tiny pieces of cardboard? I’m puzzled.

#19. I ordered some disposable lenses and got an empty box. I must have selected contactless delivery.

#20. What is a box favorite sport? Box-ketball!

#21. Why did the box go to the doctor? Because it was feeling boxed in.

#23. What do you call a round box that springs back after it’s thrown? A box-ket ball.

#24. Why did the box refuse to open? Because it was feeling a little boxed in.

#25. Why did the box need a tissue? It had a cardboard nose.

#26. I’m currently moving house. Has anyone got some spare cardboard boxes?
My ex won’t let me live with her.

#27. Why did the box start playing music? Because it wanted to be a beatbox.

#28. If two Homeless people are hitting each other with a cardboard box…
Is it a pillow fight?

#29. What do you call a box that’s always on time? A tick-tock box.

#30. I got fed up playing poker and blackjack the other day. I was card-board.

#31. What do you call a box that’s always arguing? A dispute box.

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Box One-Liners Jokes

Box Jokes

Now it’s time for some box one-liners jokes that are guaranteed to make you laugh!

#1. I worked in a cardboard box factory but it folded.

#2. One of my favorite games is box-cet ball.

#3. I’m right around the box.

#4. What’s a box’s favorite game to play? Jenga!

#5. If you no longer have a box, it’s an Xbox.

#6. I’d make a belt from cardboard, but it’d be a waist of paper.

#7. If cardboard had a favorite sport, it’d be boxing.

#8. A box that plays beats is a beatboxer.

#9. What do you call a box that always tells the truth? Honesty box.

#10. Why did the box take up meditation? To become more centered.

#11. I got promoted at work. I’m now the big box.

#12. I’m going to the University of Box-ford.

#13. I live in a lighthouse. It’s made of cardboard.

#14. My dog keeps packing things in boxes. He’s a boxer.

#15. Why did the box go on a vacation? It needed a break.

#16. I tried to make a joke about a box, but it didn’t have much of a punch.

#17. Yo mama is so stupid. She stared at a juice box because it said concentrate.

#18. Why did the box get a ticket? It was parked in a packing zone.

#19. What did the box say to the ribbon? “You really tie me up!”

#20. Pass the box cord so I can play music.

Funny Box Puns

Boxes Puns

Let’s take you some box puns that will have you rolling with laughter!

#1. What kind of cardboard is found by a volcano? Igneous box.

#2. The chicken box is highly contagious.

#3. Why did the box go to school? To get a better education in packaging.

#4. I play cardboard drums. You could say I’m a box-star.

#5. I’m moving to Box-nard, California.

#6. The great thing about buying a cardboard box and having it delivered is that you normally get one more than you paid for.

#7. What do you call a box that’s always causing trouble? A mis-box.

#8. What do you call a box that’s always lost? A mystery box.

#9. What do you call a box that’s always talking? A chatterbox.

#10. I charge rent to the series of insects in my cardboard box as they are ten-ants.

#11. Why did the box go to the gym? To work on its abs.

#12. What do you call a box that’s always sad? A blue box.

#13. What kind of cardboard is found deep underground? Box and minerals.

#14. What happens when you put cardboard boxes in your house during a full moon? You make it a warehouse

#15. Why did the box decide to take a vacation? Because it needed some space.

#16. Where do astronauts keep their sandwiches? In their launch box.

#17. Why did the box go on a date with the cylinder? Because they were a perfect match.

#18. Hey, that was crate.

#19. What do you call a round box that springs back after it’s thrown? A box-ce ball.

#20. When cardboard goes to the bar, it asks for a drink on the box.

Final Thoughts

There is no denying the fact that jokes about boxes have come in limelight in the past few years. These jokes never fail to bring a smile to our faces and are perfect for a daily dose of entertainment.

It’s now time for us to conclude the blog for today. We sincerely hope you enjoy reading our blog on box jokes and puns. Also, don’t forget to share the blog with your friend to make them laugh.

Thanks for reading!

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