The Ultimate Guide To Instagram Algorithm 2023

Instagram is known to play around with its algorithm to enhance, improve and improvise the platform for better use. But, sometimes, it gets a little bit overwhelming to understand it completely! So, this is why we are here to help you understand Instagram algorithm 2023 fully so that your Instagram journey doesn’t take a halt!

Instagram is not only a social media platform anymore, it has become an emotion for every social media lover. Even though Facebook is still the social media platform with the most number of users in the world, from the past decade things have changed and most of the youths are heading to Instagram.

And with the recent allegations on Facebook’s popularity, the platform is desperate to protect its name which is one more reason why people are now loving Instagram more than ever!

But, Instagram is also a platform where you can build a business and brand for yourself! Many individuals, firms and companies have done that and now it is time for you to know how you can use Instagram Algorithm 2023 to your benefit.

With that, let’s get started!

What Exactly Is Instagram Algorithm 2023 All About?

Instagram algorithm 2023 is a set of rules and signals that determine how a particular content is ranked across Instagram which includes explore page, users’ feed, Instagram reels etc. Each piece of content which is posted to the network is analyzed by the Instagram algorithm like content information, hashtags, and interaction analytics are all taken into account.

There was a time when there was ‘no’ Instagram algorithm at the time when Instagram was introduced to the world in 2010 and in the year 2016, Instagram introduced an “Algorithm”.

Now-a-days Instagram is constantly making changes to its algorithm and for every influencer or a creator it is very crucial to follow up these algorithms in order to advance their brand.

Here is how Instagram Algorithm works in 2023

Instagram revealed that the Instagram algorithm 2023 is influenced by four factors:

1. The Activity of the person: Type of content the user engages with. The Instagram Algorithm, for example, will promote reels to them if they engage with reels the most.

2. Details about the post: What the post is all about?

3. Complete information about the person who usually posts: Is your post interesting to other people?What percentage of the time do they interact with your content? Are these individuals your followers? The more they engage, the more your content is visible to them.

4. Your past interactions with the followers and non followers: If the audience engages with your content on your past post then the Instagram algorithm is likely to show your post to them again, doesn’t matter if they follow you or not.

Instagram Algorithm For Instagram Reels

Instagram head Adam Mosseri has already mentioned that they are focusing more on Instagram reels. To compete with Tik Tok, Insta has rolled out the Reels feature in 2020.

How To Satisfy The Reels Algorithm in 2023

  • Try to post Reels in your main feed
  • Always use trending music to make your reels go viral
  • Regular posting should be your goal even though you may not have plays
  • Short reels are more impactful
  • Add hook in your reels
  • Try to create Instagram reels with creative tools
  • Do regular experiments with your reels to make it different from others

List of things you should avoid while posting reels

  1. Post your own content rather than posting someone else’s
  2. Low quality videos will not be taken into consideration 
  3. There should not be a watermark of other app on your reels like Tik Tok, MX Player, Moj etc
  4. Too much text should be avoided
  5. Instagram will not give your content a better reach if is not an original content

Instagram Algorithms For Carousels in 2023

A Carousel Post is a collection of multiple Instagram posts and are beneficial for a variety of reasons. Instagram allows you to post a maximum of 10 pieces of content in a single carousel post.

A Carousel post is best if one wants to show off multiple products and wants to give complete information about the particular brand and product. 

When we get a lot of saves, we noticed that carousel posts perform substantially better on the Explore Page and Hashtag Page.

Various types of accounts may have different requirements. But that has been our recent experience thus far.

Instagram Algorithm For Images

As we have mentioned earlier Instagram is competing with video platforms like Tik Tok. Posting a video content can definitely take your Instagram handle to the next level, but now let’s talk about image content.

There was a time when Instagram was a photo sharing app but now it’s not a photo sharing app anymore and it is turning its attention to make it a video sharing app. 

If you look 2-3 years back a single image can bring a lot of engagement to your Insta handle but that’s not the scenario now. Instagram’s algorithm is changing with the time a single image cannot bring a lot of engagement to your handle after the introduction of reels.

Instagram has also recently launched a feature to add a song on a single post which shows that the creators of Instagram are trying to make it a video platform.

Instagram Algorithms Work For Story

Many people are having trouble with the Instagram story views and story engagement. We have a few suggestions that can fulfill the requirement of the Instagram algorithm in 2023 for a story. 

1. Increase your posting Frequency for example you can post once a day or twice a day at different periods of time.

2. Focus on high quality story ideas

3. To get more views on your stories you should try Instagram polls, Emoji slider, ask a question, quiz or you should also add music to your story to have more views on your story

4. Stop posting the stories if you are not getting views on your story. Yes you read it right, stop posting! If you haven’t posted stories in the past few days, Instagram is always desperate for your return and will give you a higher reach if you post after a few days.

Instagram Algorithms For Explore Tab

The Instagram algorithm 2023 behind the Explore tab is that Instagram looks at the past content you’ve liked or interacted with, and then brings in a collection of photographs and videos from accounts you don’t follow yet.

Based on how likely you save, share or like a post, the Instagram algorithm in 2023 ranks this content according to what it believes you’ll be most interested in.

While considering the Explore tab, Instagram also considers the overall popularity of the post and it takes various factors into consideration such as likes, comments, save, share on that particular post.

Instagram Algorithms For Hashtags in 2023

Hashtags play a very crucial role on a platform like Instagram as it helps to appear on Search Page and Explore Page. This is why Instagram algorithm 2023 is important for hashtags.

Generally people make hashtag research when they are looking for something of specific niche or when they want to repost some content.

For example if one wants see images of car servicing then he or she can research it by using #carservicing and Instagram will show millions of results related to car servicing. 

There are three tabs on the Hashtag Page:

  1. The”Top” page.
  2. The “Recent ”hashtag tab
  3. The “Reels” tab

Instagram Algorithm in 2023 only shows your post in the top hashtag page if it has the highest engagement(like, comment, share, saves).

You might know this or not but Instagram allows you to add 30 hashtags on post and 10 hashtags on story. But Instagram officially in one of his posts made it clear to use 3-5 hashtags on every post and most importantly it should be relevant. 

Instagram Account Growth Strategies in 2023

So now that we know of Instagram Algorithm 2023, it is time for some growth strategies. It may appear that building your Instagram account is a difficult task, but if you follow these growth strategies you definitely gain more followers and engagement.

  • Instead of focusing on the quantity of content, you should concentrate on the quality of the content. Experts say that one should post at least 3-4 posts a day, however this might not be the best option for you in 2023.
    If you are posting high quality content and images then you can post 2-3 times a day and if you can’t produce high-quality images every day then your post frequency should be low.
  • Instagram has become a video sharing app and as a creator you should shift your content from a single image or a carousel post to Instagram Reels. Adam Mosseri, Head Of Instagram already said they are focusing more on Instagram Reels over an image.

    He also said “If you create something from scratch, you should get more credit than if you are resharing something that you found from somewhere else. We’re going to do more to try and value original content more, particularly compared to reposted content”
  • Instagram stories are one the best ways to stand out. High quality images and short videos at the Instagram stories can boost your account.
    Instagram stories perform better with the presence of Instagram polls, music, emoji sliders etc. Remember to organize your best stories into themed Highlights that you can display under your Instagram bio.
  • Check your account’s Insights to find what’s best for your account. Find out what your audience loves; it can be a video, photo or a carousel and always post what your audience loves.
    Instagram Insights also assist in determining the best time to post. As a general rule, the best time to post is from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm.
  • When you own an Instagram account then consistency is a must! Consistent posting can be difficult, but it can help you in reaching the largest possible audience.
  • Hosting an Instagram giveaway is one of the most efficient ways to quickly expand your followers. You can reach millions of prospective followers with the aid of a giveaway.
  • Instagram Hashtags play a very crucial role in the growth of any Instagram handle and it should not be overlooked. Insta allows you to use 30 hashtags at a time but Instagram recommends its users to use 3-5 hashtags on every single post and all must be relevant to the post. 

So these are the Instagram growth strategies, it may appear that building your Instagram account is a difficult task, but if you follow these growth strategies you definitely gain more followers and engagement.

PS: If your current posts are not getting reach then you should go to

Settings>Account>Account Status

Instagram Strike

Here you must ensure that none of your Instagram posts have been flagged by Instagram. Even if you only have a single strike, Instagram will not show your post to the public, regardless of how good it is.

The main reason for your account’s lack of reach is the Instagram strike. There is no solution for Instagram strike and it usually lasts for 1 year.

And Finally

Phew, that was quite a lot! But it was necessary so that you have a clear idea about Instagram algorithm in 2023 if you are looking to grow your name on Instagram.

Explained above is the answer to every question you might have on Instagram. If you found the blog useful, don’t forget to share it with the people who you think will need it.

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