Hitler Jokes That Will Have You in Hysterics

Hitler whose full name was Adolf Hitler widely regarded as one of the most notorious figures yet we are making fun of him. So in this blog, we bring you funny Hitler jokes to make you laugh until you cry.

Hitler was a German politician and leader of the Nazi Party. He was the major reason behind World War II and the deaths of millions of people.

After doing a lot of research finally we have compiled a list of the funniest Hitler jokes and Hitler puns to crack you up. These jokes are designed only for entertainment and are not intended to hurt anyone’s sentiments.

Do you know what’s best about these jokes? You can share these with anyone including your friends, colleagues, family members, and others. We guaranteed you that sharing them with others will make them laugh like a monster.

Our collection of these jokes not only includes Hitler jokes but also has bad Hitler jokes and Nazi jokes. We bet, these jokes will make you laugh out loud and forget your troubles.

So here comes a laughter ride from our side. Let’s Go!!!

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43 Hilarious Hitler Jokes and Hitler Puns

#1. Why can’t Hitler join the track? because he can’t even finish a race

#2. Why does Hitler deserve heaven, because he killed Hitler.

#3. If Hitler had a cooking channel: Step one… Turn on the gas.

#4. What’s the difference between Hitler and a feminist?
At least Hitler actually did something.

#5. What’s the difference between a bullet and a jue
One comes out of the chamber.

#6. Whoever kills Hitler goes to heaven. Oh, wait… never mind…

#7. When the teacher calls on you and asks you how many people did Hitler kill?
One, he killed himself.

#8. Why did Hitler stop playing Golf?
He kept getting stuck in the Bunker.

#9. What do Michaelangelo and Hitler have in common?
They both used their brain to paint the ceiling

#10. What is Hitler’s least favorite month?

#11. What’s the difference between Hitler and logan paul? At least Hitler had respect for the Japanese!

#12. What is Hitler’s favorite game?

#13. Say what you want about Hitler, he wasn’t all that bad. After all, he killed Hitler.

#14. Did you know my grandpa was part of World War 2?
He killed Hitler.

#15. What had more brains than Hitler? The wall behind him

#16. Why did Hitler never go to a strip club?
He hated the poles.

#17. What did Hitler say when he was blindfolded? I can Nazi!

#18. How does Hitler tie his shoes?
In tiny Knotsies

#19. What planet did Hitler hate the most?

#20. What’s the difference between you and Hitler? Hitler knew when to kill himself.

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#21. Why can’t Hitler play baseball?
It’s three Reichs and you’re out.

#22. A man tried to shoot Adolf Hitler but missed. Then Adolf replied, “Oh shoot, I did nazi that coming!”

#23. Why are Germans, bad cooks?
The only good one killed himself.

#24. My true hero is the person who killed Hitler!

#25. What’s the difference between Hitler and a feminist?
At least Hitler actually did something!

#26. Why did the chef get fired? A: He took cooking advice from Hitler!

#27. Why do German shower heads have 11 holes?
Jews have 10 fingers.

#28. What did Hitler and Usain Bolt have in common? They both finished the races!

#29. Why did Adolf Hitler like nuts?
He only had one.

#30. What is the difference between a feminist and Hitler?
Both were good at starting wars, the only difference was Hitler knew when to kill himself afterward.

#31. What is Hitler’s favorite food?
A Hindenburg

#32. What car does Hitler drive?
A fuhrerri.

#33. Why did Hitler’s girlfriend break up with him?
He Hit-ler

#34. Why does Hitler drink milk? Because he doesn’t like juice.

#35. Why did Hitler get hit by a baseball?
Because he did nazi it coming!

#36. What’s the difference between Putin and Hitler? I don’t know you tell me

#37. What would Hitler be called if he abused women? Hither!

#38. What do you call it when Hitler puts retards in the oven? Baked potatoes

#39. What do you call it when Hitler abuses his wife?
Adolf Hit Her

#40. I’d love it if you killed yourself, but Hitler killed himself and people still hate him.

#41. What’s the difference between you and Hitler at least he knows how to use an oven.

#42. You know Hitler loves you when he comes up to you on Valentine’s Day and he says “Will you be my Valenein?”

#43. What’s Hitler’s favorite letter? Not Z.

To Sum Up,

There you have it. Although Hitler was the evil figure in History but his jokes make us go LOL. We sincerely hope you enjoyed reading our blog on Hitler jokes that we have for you today.

Let us know your favorite jokes from the above in the comment section. If you have a funny joke related to Hitler then drop it in the comment box.

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