Hilarious Things You Can Say At Amusement Park And In Bed

Amusement Parks are all about fun, games and entertainment. So, let’s make this a lot more interesting with these hilarious Things You Can Say At Amusement Park And In Bed.

There’s a different vibe when you’re at an amusement park with your buddies. Since they have the same smartness and humor level, you can have you fun with them using these phrases.

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Although, please keep in mind, this type of humor is hilarious and entertaining, one important thing you have to keep in mind is the timing. You can’t use these jokes everywhere because people might get offended by these jokes.

The reason is the “Adult” nature of this type of humor. This is why you can’t use them anywhere. Just be careful about choosing the time and situation. And if you find the appropriate situation, then this sarcasm can make you the star!

The fun part begins now. Enjoy these hilarious Things You Can Say At Amusement Park And In Bed to insert humor in a dull situation!

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Hilarious Things You Can Say At Amusement Park And In Bed

Here starts the humor ride. Read along these humorous Things You Can Say At Amusement Park And In Bed and enjoy your time –

#1. I want that candy!

#2. Whoa, That’s big!!

#3. I think I’ll throw up!

#4. No Screaming!!

#5. What’s in that bush?

#6. I wanna do it again!

#7. Can’t belive that you made me get off it!

#8. Are you 18?

#9. It was a 30 second fun!

#10. What?? It’s just $20??

#11. Do you want a corn dog?

#12. Welcome to the house of horrors!

#13. How many of you are going?

#14. Hey, hold my hand, you won’t feel anything.

#15. Why is it sticky?

#16. Mmmm, this is their speciality!

#17. Jessica is afraid to go in.

#18. Don’t worry, you won’t feel anything

#19. Take care of your mobile phones.

#20. I’ve been waiting for it the whole week!

#21. Its boring, get me something exciting!

#22. No, I’ve rode that, it’s not fun.

#23. Wanna take on the dead ride?

#24. When will this end?

#25. Hold my popcorn please.

#26. It was a short ride.

#27. Let’s get on the bigger line.

#28. Hold on to loose items.

#29. Have you checked the safety gear?

#30. You must be 5 feet to ride this!

#31. I’m sorry only 4 people are allowed to ride at this time.

#32. I’m warning you, this ride is not for faint hearted!

#33. Wait! Don’t make a rush!

#34. Everyone will get a turn don’t worry.

#35. This ride may get you wet.

#36. Don’t forget to check out the bearded lady!

#37. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

#38. Enter at your own risk.

#39. You have tried the rest, now its time for the best!

#40. Who’s next?

#41. Do not cut the line.

#42. First come, first served!

#43. That’s scary!

#44. Do not attempt to disembark until the end of ride.

#45. Keep your arms and legs inside at all times.

#46. Buy our seasonsal pass if you intent to come here often!

#47. There is 90 minute halt for this ride.

#48. OMG! Fried twinkies!!

#49. Everything is going to be dark, so you won’t see much!

#50. I want to get off now!

#51. Pregnant women should avoid.

#52. I almost choked!

#53. Its worse than the last one!

#54. Would you like mustard on your weiner?

#55. Please remove all jewelry before entering!

#56. Get me a kleenex now!

#57. Pictures available at the end of ride.

To Conclude,

So these were the hilarious Things You Can Say At Amusement Park And In Bed. We hope these were worth your time and attention and helped you cheer up.

You can use them to bring some life to a dull and dead environment in one second. However, just be careful of using it at a random situation and in front of kids as this sarcasm is adult. Just respect the limitations and avoid hurting someone’s sentiments.

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