31 Hilarious Things You Can Say at a Pool Party And In Bed

Going to a pool party? Then remember these hilarious things you can say at a pool party and in bed because they’ll make you the star there.

How come you ask? Simply because this type of humor can easily lighten up the mood and cheer up a boring environment.

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Having a good sarcasm level is always a plus point for you if you are going anywhere. This can entertain others, make them like you more, and can prove to be a great ice-breaker.

If you and your friends are going to a pool party, then don’t forget to remember these lines because if you are bored there, you can use these to get the moment fired up.

And you can even ask others to join in your fun to make them laugh as well.

So without wasting time, let’s take you to some hilarious things you can say at a pool party and in a cake shop.

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Here are the hilarious things you can say at a Pool Party and in Bed

#1. That’s the deep end!

#2. I’m going down!

#3. Dad, you’re not supposed to be here!

#4. It’s getting a bit awkward.

#5. Hey! Please don’t pee in it.

#6. I think I can reach the bottom.

#7. Are you sure it’s hygienic? I mean a lot of people have been in there recently!

#8. Where’s the booz?

#9. I would love to have a go at that!

#10. Want me to jump in it?

#11. Hey Max, please don’t splash me in the face.

#12. That looks like so much fun

#13. That water needs more chlorine!

#14. Let me push you in.

#15. Is the food ready?

#16. I hope I don’t get STDs.

#17. I think I’ll drown down there.

#18. Are you wet?

#19. Just grab a towel.

#20. When did you clean it?

#21. I can’t touch the bottom!

#22. Go and change.

#23. This is colder than the last time I came here.

#24. No kids under 12 are allowed here.

#25. Who farted??

#26. Get me that ball I want to play.

#27. Hurry up, we’re gonna be late.

#28. No, I want to stay a bit longer.

#29. Cannonball incoming!

#30. Come (cum) inside, its warm here.

#31. You need to clean this, it smells like rotten fish in here.


There you have it folks! Here are the things you can say at a pool party and in bed that will make everyone go ROFL. Only a select few people can understand this advanced level of humor so be careful while using them!

However, these things can be an icebreaker if you want to ignite some fire in any dull environment.

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