Hilarious Things You Can Say At a Hospital And In Bed

Have you ever wondered what are the things you can say at a hospital and in bed ? Well today, we help you out with that.

These phrases can be a great fun game among your friends. Imagine you guys are chilling, eating, drinking and then think of this game!

You can cheer up the atmosphere and have some amusement around. Statusbyzz presents to you these hilarious things you can say at a hospital and in bed.

These are unlike the other English jokes and non veg jokes that you have already seen on the blog. This type of humor is more advanced and sort of “adult”.

So, if you enjoy good sarcasm and like to make everyone laugh with your witty jokes, then this blog is of great help.

Let’s not waste any more time, here begins the real fun part!

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Things You Can Say At a Hospital And In Bed

Can’t wait right? We can’t either. Here we go –

#1. Okay, now bend over.

#2. I didn’t feel a thing.

#3. No, I didn’t take any pill.


#4. Its been like this since morning.

#5. No, don’t be afraid, he’s particularly nice with children.

#6. It’ll be over soon!

#7. Don’t worry, he’s a child specialist.

#8. Oh, so you brought you mom as well.


#9. Do you have insurance ?

#10. Sorry, only one of you can stay for the night.

#11. Open your mouth!

#12. We’ll take it from here.

#13. You may bleed a little, but don’t worry.


#14. It got swollen the last time I was here.

#15. I don’t have insurance, can I pay by card?

#16. Don’t worry, you won’t feel any pain.

#17. I’m a little sore.

#18. It’s time for the second dose.

#19. Do you need a tissue ?


#20. You won’t be sick anymore.

#21. Do you have any emergency contact ?

#22. Okay take off your shirt now.

#23. Take this and lie down for a minute.

#24. Bend over so I can see properly.

#25. Sister! Sister! I need your help.

#26. No, she’s bleeding too much, we need to get the first aid kit.

And Finally,

There you go buddy! Here were the hilarious things you can say at a hospital and in bed. Enjoy them and use this sarcasm to entertain your crush and friends! This is an advanced level of humor that only a few ones can get.

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