151 Funny Response To “How Are You?”

I’m fine and I’m good is the most common response against “How are you?” But there’s a way to break free from these dull responses which is why we bring to you a funny response to How are you?

In this article, we will also share some clever, flirty, and creative responses to how are you that will inject humor into your conversation. Believe me, these responses have the potential to turn up a boring situation into an entertaining one.

Many of us are fed up with those boring replies like Hello, how are you, I am alright, etc. So today let’s take you to some playful responses that will add a touch of lightheartedness to the conversation.

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Whether you want to spice up a conversation or have a lively discussion, these are the best responses to “How are you?” that will surely work. You can try these funny responses to “How are you” with your friend and crush to steer the conversation in the right direction.

Read on and get ready to spice up your conversation with this funny response to How are you? Enjoy!!

Funny Response To How Are You

#1. That’s a long story, but the short one is I’m good.

#2. If I was any better, vitamins would be taking me.

#3. Better inside than outside.

#4. It depends on what or who I compare myself to.

#5. I still haven’t figured it out.

#6. You better not ask this question.

#7. Why can’t you just stay focused on yourself?

#8. I’m quite busy right now. I will get back to you later.

#9. Nice and dandy, like cotton candy.

#10. Incredible, fantastic, and stellar. But, dead inside.

#11. Maybe one day you’ll be lucky enough to find out.

#12. That’s a long story, but the short one is I’m good.

#13. Honestly, I’m so good that if I was any better, I’d be twins.

#14. Can’t complain…I have tried, but no one listens.

#15. Why do you want to know that?

#16. If I were any more acceptable, I would be China.

#17. I am still sucking air, that is.

#18. Great! But, I’m totally biased.

#19. Somewhere between better and best.

#20. Overworked and underpaid.

#21. Nice and fine, like an expensive bottle of wine.

#22. I’m on silent mode today.

#23. Well… unless the weather has different plans in store.

#24. Armed and ready! Like a Pitbull in a China shop.

#25. Not bad. Could be better, though. Could be payday.

#26. My lawyer told me not to answer that question.

#27. Somewhere between blah and meh.

#28. I have no time for any formalities here.

#29. I am planning on taking over the world.

#30. I am as happy as a tick on a big, fat doggy.

#31. I don’t know, you tell me. How am I right now?

#32. Oh, stop it, will you?

#33. If I was any more relaxed, I’d be in a coma.

#34. I would be better if you asked me out.

#35. Please talk to my manager first.

#36. Can’t complain. Nobody listens anyway.

#37. Hopefully, not be as good as I will ever be.

#38. Average. Not terrific, not terrible, just average.

#39. I don’t want to talk to you anymore.

#40. You will soon get to know that. Please wait.

#41. Somewhere between better and okay.

#42. Dangerously close to being fabulous.

#43. Don’t ask – it’s too early to tell.

#44. Bit busy, will let you know.

#45. At least I’m doing something, unlike you.

#46. I was fine – until you asked.

#47. If I was doing any good, I would hire you to enjoy yourself with me.

#48. Hopefully, not be as good as I will ever be.

#49. How much will you pay me if I tell you?

#50. Better than I was a minute ago because you are here now.

Clever Response To How Are You

Clever Response To How Are You

#1. Oh, terrible, thank you so much!

#2. I’m good, but not as good as better.

#3. Better on the inside than I look on the outside.

#4. What’s with all these questions? Are you a cop?

#5. I’m surviving, thriving, and jiving.

#6. Living the dream… but half the time it’s a nightmare.

#7. You go first so we can compare.

#8. Great, stellar, fantastic. But dead inside.

#9. As compared to what?

#10. Slowly but surely dying.

#11. I am not sure yet.

#12. You go first. Then, we can compare.

#13. Dangerously close to fabulous.

#14. Fair to partly cloudy.

#15. The doctor said I would live.

#16. Oh, terrible, but I am used to it.

#17. Sunshine all day long!

#18. The doctor said I’d live.

#19. Not bad. Could be better. Could be payday.

#20. I’m like a superhero, just without the cape and spandex.

#21. Real terrible, thanks for asking.

#22. Oh terrible, but I’m used to it.

#23. Okay, since my name was not in today’s obituaries.

#24. Living a life of denial and suppressed rage.

#25. I am high-quality, 100% plant-fed.

Text Response for “How Are You?”

#1. I’m feeling great, just enjoying the beautiful weather today.

#2. Things are going well, thanks for asking. How about you

#3. Feeling pretty content today, how about you?

#4. Getting better with every passing second.

#5. Nothing much, getting bored!

#6. I’m a little tired today, but hanging in there.

#7. All is good here, thanks for checking in.

#8. Feeling pretty relaxed today, how about you?

#9. Can’t complain, things are going pretty smoothly

#10. Doing alright, just keeping busy.

#11. I’m perfectly fine, hope you are too.

#12. Doing fine, just taking things one step at a time.

#13. Feeling pretty optimistic today, how about you?

#14. Things are going pretty well, thanks for asking.

#15. I’m feeling fantastic today. How about you?

Flirty Response To How Are You

Flirty Responses To How Are You

#1. Everything is fine with you around.

#2. In bed?

#3. Better than I was before you showed up.

#4. I’d be better if you asked me out.

#5. Great, but I’m totally biased.

#6. I’d be much better if you gave me a kiss.

#7. Talking to you makes me feel amazing.

#8. Still single, in case you’re wondering.

#9. Could be better if you are here.

#10. Emptiness without you.

#11. I’m grabbing a bite to eat. Do you want to come?

#12. Getting better with every passing minute.

#13. Exceptionally good-looking.

#14. I am good in bed.

#15. Can be perfect if you join me tonight.

#16. I’m single and ready to mingle.

#17. Nothing much, missing your presence.

#18. There’s plenty of room for you.

#19. I just met up with an old friend. He thinks I should date you.

#20. I’d be much better if you gave me a kiss.

#21. Thank god you finally noticed me!

#22. I’ve been thinking about you all day.

#23. Thank you for asking. You just made my day.

#24. Kiss me, and I’ll instantly feel better.

#25. Talking to you makes me feel so good.

#26. Not as tired as you running in my thoughts all day long.

Best Response To How Are You

#1. I’m doing well, thank you. How about you?

#2. The best I can be. Assuming you’re your best, too.

#3. Better than most, but maybe not as well as others.

#4. Trying to get on with life, thanks. What about you?

#5. I’m doing well, but it’s nothing a cup of coffee couldn’t make better.

#6. I’m still wearing that smile you gave me back then.

#7. Just what I needed to hear—your voice!

#8. That’s a long story, but the short one is, I’m good.

#9. Your attempt at politeness has been noted, fellow human.

#10. Getting better with every passing minute.

Creative Response To How Are You

Funny Response To How Are You

#1. Next question, please.

#2. Rolling with the punches.

#3. Good question.

#4. Do you want an honest answer or the one you were expecting?

#5. How much are you willing you pay me if I tell you?

#6. I’m just in survival mode. And you?

#7. If you already know the answer, then why ask?

#8. Surviving, I guess.

#9. I am under renovation.

#10. Why would you ask me such an impertinent question?

#11. Your attempt at social interaction is hereby acknowledged.

#12. Wondering how you are.

#13. Worse than yesterday but better than tomorrow.

#14. Happy, and I know it.

#15. I’m incredibly innocent and attractive. I hope you like it

#16. Not as good as you.

#17. Trust me, you do not want to know.

#18. Do you want the short or the detailed version?

#19. How do you think I am?

#20. It’s a secret.

#21. I will leave that up to your imagination.

#22. I am really just trying hard to avoid vague questions at this moment.

#23. At minding my own business? So much better than most people.

#24. I am sober!

#25. Dying. Thanks.


There you have it. These funny responses to “How are you” always bring incredible results in a boring conversation. It is also important to consider how an individual will react to these funny responses. If they don’t take these funny responses seriously then you can go ahead.

So that concludes our article for today. We hope you enjoy reading the blog till the end and don’t forget to share this blog with your friends and colleagues.

Also, comment down your favorite response from the list! Thanks for reading!

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