100+ Funniest Guess What Jokes You’ll Read Online

Guess What jokes are one of the funniest jokes you can say to your buddies and see their priceless reaction.

These jokes belong to the same category and humor level as the yo mama jokes and rizz jokes did – the adult logical humor.

But guess what jokes are no less than a piece of art and if you mess up, you become the joke for others. So if you wanna go through the route of guess what jokes, you better be prepared.

So if you want to be the center of attraction among your friends, then we have an extensive collection of these jokes which can say anywhere to anyone and at anytime and it is guaranteed to make them interested in you.

So are you ready to join the epic laughter ride?

The Best Guess What Jokes You’ll Read Online

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#1. I ordered a chicken and an egg from Amazon. Guess what?
I’ll let you know which came first.

#2. Guess what happened when a frog parked his car in a No Parking Zone?
His car got “Toad”.

#3. Hey, when two eggs went on a comedy show, guess what the first egg said to the other?
Let’s get cracking!

#4. Guess what the witch ordered when she went to the restaurant?

#5. Man, I dreamed of an orange dream last night, guess what?
It was Fanta-sea.

#6. Guess what happened to the guy who invented the “Knock-knock” joke?
He won the “No-bell” prize.

#7. My gym buddy just broke up with his girlfriend, Guess what?
It didn’t work out!

#8. If you witness a crime at an Apple store, guess what does it make you?

#9. Teacher shouted at the class, guess what he caught?
Everyone’s attention.

#10. Guess what happened to the boy who played board games all his life?
He got bored of them.

#11. Guess what the self-driving cars use as a mode of transportation on their day off?
Human driver.

#12. I saw a fish without an eye, guess what they call it?

#13. What did the tomato’s mom shout when he was late to catch the bus?
Come on son, ketch-up!

#14. The other day, a banana went to the doctor, guess what happened to him?
He wasn’t peeling well!

#15. Guess what do you call an alligator who joins the police squad?
An investigator!

#16. Whom did dracula invite for a party today?
His ghoul-friends

#17. Guess what the police does to someone is caught stealing pizza?
They remind them of their marinara rights.

#18. Fruits were having a night-stay at a friend’s house. Guess what they wore?
Their favorite pa-jam-as.

#19. Guess what did one volcano said to the other while proposing?
I will Lava you forever!

#20. Two mountains recited a joke. Guess what?
They were “hill-areas”

#21. Guess why did the police arrest the two ducks for?
They were trying to stage a coo!

#22. Guess why was the calendar factory worker was fired?
He took a day off without telling anyone.

#23. Coffee and motivational speakers – Guess what do they have in common?
They both encourage people to espress-o themselves.

#24. The patient lied to the doctor but the x-ray operator caught him. Guess how?
He saw right through the patient.

#25. Guess what happened which made the ship go to a therapy?
He was a nervous wreck!

#26. Guess what made the big sea monster a star comedian?
He was always kraken everyone easily.

#27. Guess what you get when you win a scrabble competition?
A re-word.

#28. Guess what do you call an elephant that doesn’t matter?
An irrelephant.

#29. Met a cute girl at the pub, gave her my number and told her to call me when she reaches home. Guess what?
She’s homeless.

Flirty Guess What Jokes

couple jokes

Take a look at these smooth flirty guess what jokes and spread your charm. To woo the girl of your dreams, these jokes help big time –

#1. Guess what menu they have for dinner on Valentines?

#2. I heard you like raisins.
I was guessing what do you feel about a date?

#3. You smell like trash. Guess what?
Can I take you out?

#4. Guess what made them fire me on my first day as English teacher?
I put U and I together.

#5. Guess what my shirt is made of?
Boyfriend material.

#6. I think your driving license should be cancelled. Guess why?
Coz you’re driving everyone crazy.

#7. If you were an art piece, guess what you’d be?
A masterpiece.

#8. Hey, I was feeling a bit off today. Guess what?
You turned me on again!

#9. If you see two girls at a pub, guess what?
The short one is single.

#10. Do you have an extra heart? Guess what happened to mine?
You stole it.

#11. My phone’s acting weird all morning. Guess what’s wrong with it?
Your number isn’t on it.

#12. I guess you must be made of Copper and Tellurium.
Because you are CuTe.

#13. You’re so damn beautiful, guess what, you made me forget my pickup line!

#14. I need medical attention right now, guess what happened?
I fell … for you.

#15. Guess what life is like without you?
A broken pencil – Pointless.

#16. I think something’s wrong with my eyes. Guess what?
I can’t seem to take it off you!

#17. Do you have a map? Guess I’m lost in those eyes of yours.


#19. Guess what I think you are Google.
Because you have everything I was searching for.

#20. If you were a vegetable, guess which one you’d be?
A cute-cumber.

#21. I feel like Microsoft. Guess what?
Can I crash at your place tonight?

Stupid Guess What Jokes

Ready for some stupid but hilarious guess what jokes?

#1. I saw a bear with no ear. Guess what its called?

#2. Guess what did one eye said to the other one?
Between the two of us, there is something that smells.

#3. Guess what the butcher said to his friend when he met him after long?
It was nice to meat you.

#4. Guess what?
Yea, good guess.

#5. A piece of paper was sleeping. Guess what people called him?
A nap-kin

#6. Guess who I bumped into when I was going to the eye doctor?

#7. Guess what did the janitor said when he jumped out of the closed?

#8. Guess what did the sprinter eat before their race?
Nothing, they fast!

#9. Guess what did the pickle did when he went through a rough day?
He went to dill.

#10. Guess what band the turbines listen to?
Don’t know for sure but they’re heavy metal fans.

#11. Guess what has more letter than the alphabets?
Post Office.

#12. Guess what you call a poor Santa Claus?
Saint Nickel-less.

#13. Guess what smells bad living but smells great when dead?
A pig.

#14. There was a rumor about butter. Guess what?
You shouldn’t spread it.

#15. Guess why the bike didn’t stand up for itself?
It was two-tired.

#16. Someone called lemon on his phone. Guess what the lemon said when he picked up?

#17. Guess what time the man went to see the dentist.
Tooth hurt-y.

#18. Guess what kind of shoes do ninjas wear?

#19. Guess what does the penguin do to make his own house?
“Igloos” it together.

#20. A bee wanted to make her hair. Guess what did she use?
A honeycomb.

#21. Guess what did the wall say to the other wall?
I’ll meet you at the corner.

Guess What Jokes For Kids

Here are some guess what jokes for kids as kids are sophisticated and they don’t get logical humor!

#1. Guess what sits in a corner but still travels the world?
A stamp.

#2. Guess what is always coming but never does.

#3. Someone threw a stone at the cow. Guess what did she say?

#4. The ocean saw the beach. Guess what did it say?
Nothing, it just waved.

#5. Guess what do you call a factory that makes only average products?
A satis-factory.

#6. Guess what does the dog said when I asked it what’s two-minus two?
He said nothing.

#7. Guess what the baby corn asked the mama corn when he got home?
Where’s pop corn?

#8. Guess where do all fruits go for a vacation?

#9. All the boats got sick. Guess where they went?
To the boat doc.

#10. Guess what car does an egg drive?

#11. Guess what do you call when a snowman throws a tantrum?
A meltdown.

#12. Guess what made Mathematics so sad?
Its problems.

#13. Guess what country my boss wen for his holiday? – Boss-Bados

#14. Guess what country’s capital is growing everyday?
Ireland – Its capital is “Dublin” everyday.

#15. My mom is getting home today and I haven’t cleaned my room yet, guess what I’m getting?
I’m getting scolded.

#16. Someone who never falls down the stairs, guess what do you call him?
A stair-voyant.

#17. Guess what do you get from a cow that is pampered everyday?
Spoiled milk.

#18. Guess what does it take to be an organ donor?

#19. I sneezed hard today, guess what the time was?
It was at-choo-clock.

#20. Guess what’s the favorite food of robots?
Computer chips

#21. Guess what animals like – horses, cows, donkeys, sheep and goats have in common?
They are very stable animals.

Guess What Jokes For Crush

Your crush is gonna love these guess what jokes! Use them right away –

#1. Guess what’s great about Switzerland?
Don’t know much but their flag is a big plus!

#2. I won the annual winter swimming competition. Guess what I got as a reward?

#3. Guess what the coat hangers do on weekends?
They hang out!

#4. What fancy move did the pig learned in martial arts class?
The pork chop!

#5. Guess what the mathematician served for dessert?
A Pi.

#6. Guess what’s the best crime we can commit?
You steal my heart and I’ll steal yours.

#7. Guess what the coffee company in outer space is called?
A Starbucks.

#8. My turtle got famous overnight. Guess what I named him?
A shellebrity.

#9. Guess what the scientists got when they experimented with a rabbit and a bug?
A bugs bunny.

#10. The military knocked down my door this morning. Guess what I did?
Iran as fast as I could.

#11. My wife told me I was immature.
Guess who doesn’t want me to live in the treehouse anymore?

#12. Guess who woke up with 20 missed calls from their ex?
My ex.

#13. A little boy went to the tree to give him a high five but guess what the tree did?
He left the boy hanging.

#14. A boy proposed his Korean crush. Guess what did he say?
You’re my Seoul Mate!

#15. Guess what Liam Neeson told his ex-girlfriend?
Sorry, but I’m taken.

#16. Guess what makes cats bad storytellers?
They only have one tale.

#17. Guess what I need to complete the telephone directory I’ve been writing for long?
Your number.

#18. Happiness starts with “H” but guess what my happiness starts with?

Funny Things To Say After Guess What

Here’s the last but a definite fun part of the blog! If someone says “Guess What” to you what should you say to get back at them? Here are some hilarious examples of Funny things to say after guess what.

Keep in mind that these responses will work only when someone says Guess what to you –

#1. No, I won’t!

#2. No, I don’t think I will (Just like Captain)

#3. What now?

#4. Are you kidding me?

#5. We’re supposed adults and you’re doing this?

#6. What? You didn’t shave your b*lls? (Bit harsh)

#7. You tell me.

#8. You owe me 20 bucks if I guess it right!

#9. Not interested.

#10. Alright – Then guess a random thing, it will add more fun to the conversation

#11. *exhale* What now?

#12. You’re pregnant?

#13. You’re Gay?

#14. RDJ is coming back as Iron Man?

#15. What do you want?

#16. *Don’t say anything* Just Stare

#17. You’ve got 5 seconds to run

#18. I know nothing Jon Snow!

#19. Just spit it out!

#20. Aaagghh Not this again!

#21. What if I don’t?

#22. If its a PJ, I’ll knock your teeth out.

To Summarize,

Guess what jokes are one of the best humor puns you can use among your friends or at a party. These jokes are witty, logical, sensible and ridiculously hilarious! If you try them out the next time you have a friends’ outing, you’re definitely gonna be remembered for long.

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See ya next time.

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