Funniest 110 Deez Nuts Jokes Ever

Are you ready to laugh out like a monster? Today, we have 110 Deez nuts jokes that will simply add a humorous twist to a situation or conversation.

Deez nuts jokes have gained widespread popularity in recent years although these jokes are inappropriate yet hilarious. For a US citizen the term “Deez Nuts” is very common and it was originally used in the year 1992 in Dr. Dree’s album “The Chronic.”

Do you know what are deez nuts? If not, then let’s understand first. Deez nuts are the punchline of a joke where you ask a person a question in order to elicit a response from them and in response, you say “Deez nuts.”

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The exact meaning of “deez nuts” is a man’s crown jewel. These types of jokes have come in limelight through memes, standup comedies, Tik Tok, text messages, etc.

An Instagram user named ‘welvendagreat’ posted a video on his account of a deez nuts joke telling to his dad. The video of Welvendagreat went viral on the Internet and resurfaced the trend “deez nuts.”

Here is that viral video of Welvendagreat that changed the course of comedy forever.

So here comes a laughter ride of deez nuts jokes from our side!

Super Hilarious Deez Nuts Jokes Ever

#1. Go sit on that over there. Sit on what? Sit on deez nuts.

#2. I heard you got two Ds in math. No, I didn’t. You got Deez nuts.

#3. Have you seen the new movie called Bofa? No, what is it about? Bofa deez nuts.

#4. Are you a fan of parodies? Sure. Well, you will love a pair of deez nuts.

#5. Have you ever gone to a trade expo? Yes. Well, expose deez nuts then.

#6. Do you want to play? Play what? Play with Deez nuts.

#7. You sound like Phil. – Phil?
Feel Deez Nuts!

#8. Don’t sit on that – Sit on what?
Sit on Deez Nuts!

#9. Landon is a crazy. Who is Landon? Landon deez nuts.

#10. Can I borrow your pen? Why don’t you borrow deez nuts?

#11. Can you move that? – Move what? Move Deez Nuts!

#12. Have you ever been to Chewons? No. What’s Chewons?
Chew on deez nuts.

#13. Guess who I saw hanging out together? Who? Deez nuts.

#14. Are you going this afternoon? Going where?
Down on Deez Nuts!

#15. Roses are red, and your eye will be blue unless you allow me to place Deez nuts deep inside you.

#16. What is Mr. Peanut’s favorite meme? Deez nuts.

#17. Hey buddy, I heard that you are Dee’s friend. Who’s Dee?
Deez Nuts!

#18. What kind of nuts gets bad grades? Deez nuts.

#19. Who’s the greatest animator of all time? Who?
Walt Deez Nutz!

#20. You: Master, what’s 2 x 4?
Teacher: Eight
You: Eight Deez Nuts

#21. We need to soak these. Soak what? Soak deez nuts.

#22. I can’t control it. Control what? Control how big deez nuts are.

#23. Hey, are you Dee’s friend? Who’s Dee?
Deez nuts.

#24. Do you like CDs?
See deez nuts!

#25. Are you a squirrel? Because you can have deez nuts.

#26. I need some of these. Some of what? Some of Deez nuts.

#27. How do you say “Yes” in Spanish? Si? Si Deez nuts.

#28. Hey, do you smell that? No? It smells like deez nuts.

#29. I thought about leaving?
Leaving what?
Leaving deez nuts on your face.

#30. Did you like One Direction? Yes.
That’s great! The only direction deez nuts are going is in your mouth!

#31. Did you know I’m moving? Moving where? Moving deez nuts in your mouth.

#32. You can’t have my heart,
– But you can hold Deez Nuts!

#33. Do you like Dee? Who? Lick deez nuts?

#34. Are you into fitness?
Yes, why?
Fit deez nuts in your mouth.

#35. Do you know Justin? Justin Bieber? Justin Time for deez nuts.
This sucks. What sucks? You suck on deez nuts.

#36. Can you move that? Move what? Move deez nuts.

#37. Want to check these out? Check what out? Deez nuts.

#38. What do you think about Mandy?
Who’s Mandy?
Man, deez nuts

#39. Do you want to lie down? Lie down on deez nuts.

#40. I think Dee is hitting on me. Who is Dee? Deez Nuts.

#41. Do you like the music of Enya?
How would you like to see deez nuts Enya’s mouth?

#42. Take a break from gagging on Deez Nuts.

#43. I’m sorry. Sorry for what? For giving you too much deez nuts.

#44. Can’t believe, you fell face the first 3x in Deez Nuts.

#45. My back hurts.
From carrying around Deez Nuts!

#46. Why is C afraid of D?
Because deez nuts!

#47. Really? Yes, Really Deez Nuts will break your Jaw.

#48. I can’t give you my heart.
Why not?
But you can hold deez nuts.

#49.Have you tasted Captain Ds?
Why don’t you taste deez nuts?

#50. Have you heard of e10? No, what’s that? E10 deez nuts.

#51. Name the first three letters of the Alphabet. A, B, C. Deez nuts.|

#52. Roses are red, and your eye will be blue unless you allow me to place Deez Nuts deep inside you.

#53. Do you know Mr. Felfor? No, why? Because you fell for deez nuts.

#54. Hope died!
Hope Deez Nuts can fit in your mouth.

#55. My girlfriend just got diagnosed with DN. Dang, what’s DN? Deez nuts.

#56. Can I borrow your car?
Why don’t you borrow deez nuts?

#57. This is me having a headache for being the only one with Deez Nuts.

#58. You have UCD right? What is UCD? UC-Deez nuts.

#59. Do you want to rent a sloop for today?
Sloop on Deez Nuts!

#60. I know everything, I know everything about Deez Nuts.

#61. Do you want to move in? Move in on deez nuts.

#62. What are you doing with Deez Nuts in ya hands?

#63. I promise Deez Nuts in ya mouth!

#64. I made you choke on Deez Nutz!

#65. What is the easiest command you can teach your dog? Roll over? Roll over deez nuts.

#66. Let me take a bite of your pecan pie.
Why don’t you bite deez nuts?

#67. Do you know Sakkon? Who? Sakkon deez nuts.

#68. What’s up with you and Deez Nuts in your mouth?

#69. What is the easiest command you can teach your dog? Sit down? Sit down on deez nuts.

#70. I made you choke on Deez Nutz!

#71. Do you dance to oldies’ music?
Not really.
Dance to hold deez nuts!

#72. Do you like dragons? Yeah. Well, I’ll be dragging deez nuts across your face.

#73. You missed a bit of that bofa on your cheek. What’s bofa? Bofa deez nuts.

#74. Do you like Chef Boyardee? – Chef Boy-Are-Deez Nuts tasty

#75. Do you like riding on trains? Yes.
Because you can ride on deez nutz!

#76. I bought a guh on the weekend. (what’s a guh?) a guhzzle deez nuts!

#77. Do you know Candice? Candice who? Can deez nuts fit in your mouth?

#78. Did you hear what happened to Justin? Justin Time for Deez Nuts!

#79. Guess what’s no longer available?
Deez Nuts.

#80. I’m hungry. Well, I have some of Deez nuts.

#81. Do you know Howard Dee? No. How-ar deez nuts?

#82. What did one nut say to the other nut? – Deez Nuts!

#83. Why did you trip?
I fell for Deez Nuts.

#84. Do you like Wendy’s? Yes, why? Great, you are going to love when deez nuts hit your face.

#85. Excuse me but do you like pudding?
Yes, of course.
Well, how about pudding deez nuts in your mouth?

#86. Roses are red, Covid is worse than the flu, can I quarantine deez nuts inside of you?

#87. Do you like squirrels, I’m about to nut in your hole.

#88. Can I borrow your pencil?
Why don’t you borrow deez nuts?

#89. Where’s your munyayo? – Huh? What’s that? Deez nuts!

#90. What kind of nuts gets bad reviews?
Deez nuts!

#91. I bet for Halloween you were a Goblin. how about you gobble DEEZ nuts

#92. What did the nut chasing the other nut say?
Imma cashew.

#93. What do you call a nut on a Wheelchair?
A busted nut.

#94. Have you played the game imagine dragons? imagine dragging deez nuts.

#95. Why do vegetarians give good head?
Because they’re used to eating nuts.

#96. What is the difference between beer nuts and deer nuts?
Well, beer nuts are 49 cents but deer nuts are just under a buck.

#97. Have you ever been to the new Disney park called saw con?
Sawcon deez nuts

#98. She: He’s probably thinking of other girls.
He: Why does she think like Deez Nuts?

#99. What’s the fifth month of the year Friend:
Me: May be deez nuts fit in your mouth.

#100. I cannot believe they have stayed together for 15 long years.
Deez Nuts!

#101. Knock knock who is there deez nuts

#102. Do you want to see Bofa?
Sure, why not.
Bofa Deez Nuts.

#103. Would you rather date me or I lady I laid deez nuts in your mouth

#104. Guess what I do not want anymore.
Deez Nuts.

#105. What do you call a man with farts? Deez Nuts!

#106. What did one nut day to the other nut?
Deez Nuts.

#107. I want to be a girl and I said
Deez nuts!

#108. You need some of these.
Some of what?
Deez Nuts.

#109. Why did the chicken cross the road? Nut.

#110. I’ll be a dragon. Deez Nuts across your face.


There you have it. Deez nuts jokes have gained massive popularity in the past recent years, especially among younger generations. These jokes have no bounds and continue to be a part of popular culture. We have to admit it, these jokes have made a huge impact on the world of humor.

So it’s time to end things for today. Now it’s your turn to comment down the best jokes from our today’s list in the comment section! Till then see you!

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