111 Corn Puns That Are Super A-maize-ing

Are you ready to laugh out like a monster? These 111 corn puns are guaranteed to make you laugh out loud as they are extremely funny.

So with the help of this blog, we will be sharing some super hilarious corn puns, one-liner puns about corn, and the best puns on corn. These puns will not only lighten your mood but also help in breaking the ice.

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Corn puns are a great way to add some humor and playfulness to daily conversations as corn is one of the most beloved foods on this globe. These can be found anywhere whether it is our home, animal field, or movie theater.

Believe me, these puns have the potential to turn up a boring situation into a hilarious one. The best part about these puns is that you can crack them anywhere without thinking of the consequences.

If you want to can be the center of attraction among your friends, family, or colleagues then you should try these puns. From witty corn puns to hilarious one-liners, we got you covered with everything!

Ultimate Collection of Corn Puns

Here is our amazing collection of corn puns that will leave you popping with laughter! Let’s dive into them –

Puns about corn

#1. What the corniest part of a corn field? The corner.

#2. What is the favorite game of the corncob? It’s b-husk-etball.

#3. I didn’t have a map of the corn maze, so I had to play it by ear.

#4. I tried to make sweet corn by whispering sweet things into its ear.

#5. It was music to the corn’s ears when it heard that rain was on its way.

#6. Farmers make really terrible comedians. Their jokes are totally corny.

#7. What did the ear of corn say when its crush complimented it? Aww, shucks.

#8. Did you know there’s an app for corn growers? It’s made in Sili-corn Valley.

#9. The kernel of corn and the corn-stalk finally came to peace and reached a settlement.

#10. Why did the corn stalk wear a coat? Because it was chilly.

#11. What did the corn mom say to her kid when he wasn’t listening? Come ear, right now.

#12. When I was in the corn maze I seriously thought I was being stalked. It was very earie.

#13. What do you call a dance being held in a cornfield? A corn ball.

#14. The corn farmer had a knack for success. His tactic was to corn-er the market.

#15. The corn was worried he had a cough, his voice was getting a little bit husky.

#16. This corn is pretty rough to touch. It looks like a job for Kernel Sanders.

#17. The quickest way for corn farmers to be successful is to corn-er the market.

#18. Why did one of the five kernels not pop? He was wearing sunscreen

#19. Why is the ear of corn hard of hearing? Because it is covered with husk.

#20. What would a boy say to his mother when she makes him eat corn for dinner? – “It shucks!”

#21. I gave a huge sum of money to a corn farmer. I was a bit nervous, it was a major stalk investment.

#22. What do you call a corn who loves to read? Pop-up books.

#23. It is no surprise that the corncob gets lost because she lives in a large maze.

#24. Why are so many farmers conservative? Because they vote republic corn.

#25. You should not take corns when traveling on a flight because they will make your ears pop.

#26. You have to be careful what you talk about inside a corn maze. The walls have ears.

#27. After an eating competition, what would the corn say? – “ It is utter corn-age.”

#28. The corn was very pop-ular in school because she was very corn-fident.

#29. Why didn’t anyone laugh at the gardener’s jokes? Because they were too corny.

#30. The corn farmer won the Nobel Peace Prize for his extreme dedication to world hominy.

#31. Why didn’t the baby corn call for mama-corn? Because he called for pop-corn.

#32. I have ears, but I am unable to hear. Who am I? I am a field of corn.

#33. What do you call a corn who’s a great storyteller? Pop-up fiction.

#34. If corn oils are made from corn, so from which do baby oils made?

#35. What do you call a corn that’s been to space? Astro-corn.

#36. If a basketball team practices in a field of corn, they would get creamed!

#37. Which form of party that we can hold in a field of corn? – It can be a cornball!

#38. I have to play with my ears because I do not have a map of this corn maze.

#39. What do you call a corn that can dance? Pop and lock corn.

#40. What happened when I accidentally stepped on a kernel? I became a cereal killer.

#41. The corn stalk corn-gratulated the scarecrow for being the longest man standing.

#42. What happened to the football team that practiced in a corn field? They got creamed.

#43. I don’t like that earie corn maze; I always feel like I’m being stalked!

#44. Why isn’t corn allowed in an airplane? Because it can make your ears pop.

#45. Why did the corn feel embarrassed? It saw the salad dressing!

#46. Why did the corn stalk break up with the tomato plant? Because it was too corny.

#47. Why doesn’t corn like to go to the movies? It doesn’t want to become popcorn.

#48. The corn farmer was smart. He knew how to corn-er the market and now is very successful.

#49. What do you call a corn that’s always in a rush? Popcorn!

#50. Many people claim that it is hard to chew popcorn. There is a kernel of truth to that claim.

#51. Why did the corn break up with the butter? It was too corn-trolling!

#52. Corn makes everything better. It’s a-maize-ing like that.

#53. A pair of cornstalks that are best friends are called earbuds.

#54. Why isn’t corn eyeball jokes any good? Because they are plain cornea.

#55. The potato and corn conglomerate have eyes and ears everywhere.

#56. What do you call a motel in the middle of a cornfield? A maize Inn.

#57. Who is the leader of the corn army? The kernal.

#58. Corn always tastes amaizeing!

#59. Why did the scarecrow win an award? Because he was outstanding in his field of corn.

#60. What do you call a corn cob that’s always in a hurry? A rushin’ ear!

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One Liners Corn Puns

Now it’s time to take you to some of the funny one-liners corns puns that will butter you up with humor!

Corn puns one liners

#1. A person who is crazy about corn is called a corn-ivore.

#2. How are corncobs in bed? – Of course, it is a-maize-ing.

#3. Why do balloons hate kernels? Because they might pop.

#4. What is a corn’s favorite type of flower? Corn-flower.

#5. What is a mythical veggie called? It is a unicorn!

#6. If you want to buy some pirate corn, it’s going to cost you a buccaneer. Corn-flower

#7. The person was arrested for being a cereal killer.

#8. What is a corn’s favorite type of pet? A corn-dog.

#9. I saw a naked corn cob the other day. I was shucked!

#10. What do you call a corn that is crazy? A corn-nut.

#11. What is corn oil use for? Corn cars.

#12. Corn is like a little quiz when it is popped.

#13. What kind of corn can you eat but never grows? Candy corn.

#14. Who is popcorn‘s distant relative? Poppies.

#15. What customs do popcorn society follow? Pop culture.

#16. What kind of amphibian lives in a corn field? A corned toad.

#17. What is sweeter than sweet corn? Candy corn, of course!

#18. What did the corn say when it was asked to tell a joke? I can’t, I’m all ears!

#19 Corn is a seriously good listener. It’s all ears.

#20. The corn farmer put it all on the line, including his stalk investment.

#21. What kind of corn do dogs like? Pupcorn

#22. What dog breed likes to eat corn? A Husky.

#23. The corn had such big ears, it was remar-cob-le.

#24. I took the grain to the granary and the corn to the coronary.

#25. Corn uses “Corn Bread” for money.

#26. The baby corn liked his mom, but he preferred his popcorn.

#27. What does corn use as money? Corn bread.

#28. What has many ears but cannot hear? A field of corn.

#29. What kind of pizza toppings do corn get? Popperoni.

#30. Should you eat corn that has fallen off the stalk? Maize well!

#31. You should not take corn on a plane because they will make your ears pop.

#32. Watch out for that corn-ivore or else he may eat all your corn.

#33. How do programmers like their candy corn? Byte-sized.

#34. Corn farmers are not good comedians because their jokes are always corny.

#35. What do you call a corn’s favorite music genre? Popcorn.

#36. Do you know where baby corn comes from? The stalk brings them.

#37. What do you call a joke with vegetables in it? Corny.

#38. Corn is my favorite vegetable. It tastes amaizing.

#39. I got lost in a corn field. It was quite a maize.

#40. What did the corn say to the butter? You’re my butter half!

Best Corn Puns

Are you ready to embrace the corny side of humor? Here are the best corn puns that are ear-resistible!

best corn puns

#1. Learning a new language requires a lot of corn-centration.

#2. I don’t really like corn jokes. I find them a bit too difficult to digest.

#3. What does a baby corn call its father? – Pop corn!

#4. This might sound corny, but I think you’re a-maize-ing!

#5. What is popcorn’s zodiac sign? Capri-corn.

#6. What do you call corn that falls into the ocean? C food.

#7. Don’t eat too much corn, or else you risk getting corn-stipated.

#8. What do you tell a vegetable after it graduates from college? Corn-gratulations

#9. Who is the master of corn religion? The pope corn.

#10. What do you call a corn with a lot of attitude? A-maize-ing.

#11. What do kernels do in their free time? Hip-pop dance.

On a Final Note,

There is no denying the fact that corn puns are super a-maize-ing for delivering a kernel of humor. These puns can inject humor into casual conversations and can appeal to people of all ages.

So this was our ultimate collection of puns about corn to make you ear-resistibly happy. If you enjoy reading this blog, then don’t forget to share it with your kith and kin.

Thanks for reading!

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