150 Puns About Cats to Keep You Claw-Verver

Cat Puns

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Hitler Jokes That Will Have You in Hysterics

Hitler Jokes Hitler Puns

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150+ Funniest Yo Mama Jokes You’ll Read Online

Yo Mama Jokes

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Funniest BTS Jin’s Dad Jokes

BTS Jin’s Dad Jokes

Are you ready for a good laugh? Your favorite entertainment website Statusbyzz is here with the best BTS Jin’s dad jokes of all time. Jin is a member of the South Korean band, BTS(Bulletproof Boy Scouts) and his full name is Kim Seok-jin. Jin is one of the most beloved members of BTS because of … Read more

Funniest 110 Deez Nuts Jokes Ever

Deez Nuts Jokes

Are you ready to laugh out like a monster? Today, we have 110 Deez nuts jokes that will simply add a humorous twist to a situation or conversation. Deez nuts jokes have gained widespread popularity in recent years although these jokes are inappropriate yet hilarious. For a US citizen the term “Deez Nuts” is very … Read more

27 Things You can Say At a Bar And In Bed

Things you can say at a bar and in bed

A bar is a place where you can find a lot of interesting people and have good conversations! So, here are 27 things you can say at a bar and in bed to make that conversation more interesting. Suppose your squad is having a good time and you throw in this very game, how cool … Read more