200+ Best Rizz Jokes And Puns You Can Read Online

Rizz jokes and rizz puns are a brand new ways of humor and memes that are getting pretty popular day by day. You can think of it like a new “game” you can enjoy at a party or with your friends.

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So the question that may pop up in every head is what is Rizz Jokes??

Well, let’s answer that internet! Rizz jokes are basically a stand-in word for “charisma”. You can view it as “cha-rizz-ma”. Get it?

So instead of saying charisma, people started using “rizz”. All of the buzz around Rizz jokes started when Twitch streamers Kai Cenat, Silky, and Duke Dennis started using the term in 2021.

Rizz jokes videos on TikTok have been viewed millions of times and people are going crazy over this new internet sensation. So, we thought of doing something and bringing to you this amazing blog.

This blog will give you the best Rizz jokes which are ridiculously hilarious. You don’t need to visit any other blog once you read these.

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So, here begins the fun you were waiting for!

Best Rizz Joke That Will Leave You Crying With Laughter

Are you ready to COL? (Cry out loud, it’s silly, I know). Here begins the fun ride of rizz jokes –

Best Rizz Jokes

#1. 13 Rizzons why

#2. Mah man converted to rizzlam!

#3. There was a time when Chuck Norris used to be a badass, but now he’s just Chuck No-rizz

#4. Osama rizzladen

#5. Rizz Khalifa

#6. Better Call Rizz

#7. Rizzly Bear

#8. Dude, you’ve earned our rizz-pects!

#9. She is irre-rizz-tible

#10. Adolf Rizzler

#11. Chrizz Brown is my favorite!

#12. What’s you favorite subject? Quantum Rizzics.

#13. He’ll get a rizztraining order

#14. Queen Erizzabeth

#15. Theodore Rizzavelt

#16. Arnold rizzanegar

#17. The french Rizzolution

#18. Walt Rizzney

#19. Wolverizz

#20. Rizz and Morty

#21. First rizzponder

#22. Rule them like Rizzton Churchill

#23. Rizz-Al-Ghul

#24. Creating a New Year’s Rizzolution

#25. I want this Virizz

#26. The Last Rizzort

#27. Prisoner of Rizzkaban

#28. He’s from the State of Rizzouri

#29. Anakin Rizzwalker

#30. He’s Frizzenstein

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#31. Walter Whiterizz

#32. Rizzy neutron

#33. Degree in Quantum Rizzics

#34. Martin Luther Rizz

#35. Rizzrion Lannister

#36. Rizzton Stark

#37. Otto von Rizzmark

#38. Yer a rizzard Harry

#39. Rizzson for the Season

#40. The Grinch Who Stole Rizzmas

#41. Natural Rizzaster

#42. Green Rizz and Ham

#43. Captain Rizz Sparrow

#44. Rizzolph the Rizz-nosed Reindeer

#45. Rizzillionaire

#46. Lord of the Rizz

#47. Nation of Rizzlam

#48. Rizz-Mander in Chief

#49. Rizz Machine

#50. Christ after Rizzurrection

#51. Governor of Rizzconsin

#52. Rizzama Bin Laden

#53. Rizzbury Tales

#54. Rizztopher Columbus

#55 Rizzminster Abbey

#56. The Rizzlamic Religion

#57. The Cuban Rizzle Crisis

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Corny Rizz Jokes

Rizz jokes collection

It’s time to get your hands on some corny rizz jokes –

#1. Rizzel Castro

#2. Rizzenito Rizzolini

#3. Jeff Rizzos

#4. Rizzma Balls

#5. The polar rizzpress

#6. Queen arizzabeth

#7. Geralt of Rizzia

#8. Three Rizzmarals

#9. Member of the nation of Rizzlam

#10. Rizzac Newton

#11. Rizz lords of the sea

#12. Ghost of Rizzmas past

#13. The grand rizzard

#14. Rizzilicous

#15. Frosty the Rizzmani

#16. Jack the Rizzer

#17. Rizzacado avacodo

#18. Artirizzal Intelligence

#19. Rizztimus Prime

#20. Mike Rizzowski

#21. That dude in the rizzed pajamas

#22. Lord of the Rizz

#23. Rizzling hot

#24. The Wizard of Rizz

#25. Joerizz Stalin

#26. Rizz Ze Dong

#27. Tom Crizz

#28. Chrizztina Aguilera

#29. Rizzle me this, Batman!

#30. Rizzard of Oz

#31. My chemical rizzmance

#32. Rizzmopolitan

#33. Dwayne the Rizz Johnson

#34. Rizzmoonaut

#35. William Rizzsphere

#36. Domestic Terrorizz

#37. Rizzley’s Comet

#38. Parizz Saint-Germain

#39. The Nightmare Before Rizzmas

#40. The Boy in the Rizzed Pajamas

#41. Harizz Styles

#42. Governor of Rizzconsin

#43. Jehovah’s rizzness

#44. Rizzi Sunak

#45. Rizzasouras Rex

#46. Mentally rizztarded

#47. Bit by a rizzioactive spider

#48. Fell into the rizzlyverse

#49. Sonic the Rizzhog

#50. Alvin and the Rizzmunks

#51. I slit my wrizz

#52. McDonald’s Mcgrizzle

#53. First Rizzponder

#54. Rizzard of Oz

#55. Rizzchael Phelps

#56. Rizzley Bear

#57. Rizzcobar

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Fortnite Rizz Jokes

Looking for Fortnite Rizz jokes online? Here are 15 of the best ones you find:

#1. Are you an ATK? Because I really wish to get inside you.

#2. Hey girl! Do you want to see my tilted tower?

#3. Dam, you’re so hot, I would drop my gold scar for you.

#4. The only SOLO win I want to have it YOU!

#5. Hey babe, wanna Fortnite and chill..?

#6. Even Gold Scar feel like nothing in front of you.

#7. You are as rare as a purple RPG from a chest.

#8. Guess what, you just won the battle royal to my heart.

#9. I’ll be your duo queue tonight.

#10. No shockwave grenade can keep you away from me tonight!

#11. My Lodge feels lonely without you!

#12. Wanna spend some time at my fort and have a pleasant time.

#13. Can I be the meteor to you tilted tower?

#14. I would loot you if you were a chest.

#15. Here, let me show you how to have fun in a pleasant park.

#16. What do you call fake spaghetti? An impasta!

#17. Are you a jack-o-lantern? Because your smile is fire.

#18. I’m gonna rule you like Rizzton Churchill

#19. With great rizz comes great rizzponsibility

#20. Rizzolph the Rizz-nosed Reindeer

#21. When it comes to Rizz, I’m always on the lookout for new oppor-chews-tunities!

#22 Rizz isn’t just about charisma; it’s about having the right per-sun-ality!

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Math Rizz Jokes

Here are some hilarious Math rizz jokes that you should give read:

#1. Boy: People say girls are always cute, but I don’t think you’re right.

Girl: How do you know that?

Boy: Because you are acute one.

#2. Are you the derivative of X? Because you’re the one for me!

#3. Hey, 30+29 is overused, so can I be your 30-29?

#4. Are you the square root of -100? Because you’re for sure a 10, but you’re too good to be real!

#5. My love for you is like dividing something by zero. Yep! It can’t be defined.

#6. I think I’m in love with you because you’re sweet a pie (Π).

#7. Hey someone told me you like addition. So can you add yourself into my contact book?

#8. I’m confused because how can I know 20 letter of pie (Π) but not the 10 digits of your mobile number?

#9. I need help with algebra. Can you replace my “eX” with “yoU”? And please don’t ask “whY”.

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#10. So I was reading the book of numbers and suddenly I realized I didn’t have yours..

#11. If you were a triangle, you would be an Acute one.

#12. You know you’re a 9. But I’m the 1 you need to be 10.

#13. Why does your beauty feel like a pie (Π)… Never ending!

#14. How about we couple our equations tonight?

#15. I don’t like my current girlfriend. Mind if I make you the substitution?

#16. I know my math. Which is why I know you’ve got one significant figure.

#17. I’m like Sine and you’re like Cosine, let’s make tangent.

Star Wars Rizz Jokes

Everyone loves Star Wars! And what if I tell you we’ve got some amazing Star Wars Rizz jokes for you?


#1. Join me and we’ll be ruling the Galaxy together!

#2. Hey there, I’m a Batuu asking you out, get ready.

#3. R4 is red, R2 is blue, if I was the force, I’d be with you.

#4. You know what, you’re R2 beautiful!

#5. Did you get hurt when you fell from the Cloud City?

#6. Hey, if you are from Ice Planet, how come you’re so Hoth?

#7. I feel like Yoda only one for me!

#8. Can you be the Chewbacca to this Han Solo? Coz I Chews you every time!

#9. Are you a rebel?? You just stole my heart the moment you walked in!

#10. Don’t worry, unlike Han Solo, I won’t shoot first.

#11. I’d join the Dark Side if you’re there.

#12. Damn, I love you to the Eadu and back!

#13. Babe, you’re hotter than Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru!

#14. I’ve Ben Solo for too long, glad I found you!

#15. You know what you’re the Droid I’ve been looking for!

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Knock Knock Rizz Jokes

Knock Knock Rizz jokes

Here are the best Knock Knock Rizz Jokes you will read online:-

#1. Knock Knock. Who’s there?
Olive. Olive Who?
Olive You.

#2. Knock Knock. Who’s there?
Russian. Russian Who?
I’m Russian to get to you!

#3. Knock Knock. Who’s there?
Ion. Ion Who?
I’ve got my Ion you!

#4. Knock Knock. Who’s there?
Emma. Emma Who?
Emma hoping I could take you out tonight!

#5. Knock Knock. Who’s there?
Pear. Pear Who?
We’d make a lovely pear, don’t you think?

#6. Knock Knock. Who’s there?
Date. Date Who?

#7. Knock Knock. Who’s there?
Honeydew. Honeydew Who?
Honeydew you want to dance?

#8. Knock Knock. Who’s there?
Colin. Colin Who?
I’d be colin you mine forever!

#9. Knock Knock. Who’s there?
Do-ya. Do-ya Who?
Do-ya wanna go out tonight?

#10. Knock Knock. Who’s there?
A herd. A herd Who?
A herd you like boys with a good sense of humor.

#11. Knock Knock. Who’s there?
Value. Value Who?
Value you be my date tonight!

#12. Knock Knock. Who’s there?
Norma Lee. Norma Lee Who?
Norma Lee I don’t do this, but would you go out with me?

#13. Knock Knock. Who’s there?
Wheel. Wheel Who?
Wheel you be mine?

#14. Knock Knock. Who’s there?
Baby Yoda. Baby Yoda Who?
Baby, Yoda the one I need!

#15. Knock Knock. Who’s there?
Amish. Amish Who?
Yea, I miss you too!

#16. Knock Knock. Who’s there?
When Where. When Where Who?
Tomorrow, my place, you and me!

#17. Knock Knock. Who’s there?
Kenya. Kenya Who?
Kenya give me a kiss?

#18. Knock Knock. Who’s there?
Marry. Marry Who?
Me, you dumbo!

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Rizz Jokes Pick Up Lines

#1. Let’s play Titanic! You become the iceberg, and I’ll go down.

#2. Are you a bank loan? Coz you definitely have my interest.

#3. Did you drink Soda? Coz you look so-da-licious.

#4. Please take me to a doctor! I think I broke my leg falling for you.

#5. Your hand looks heavy, can I hold it for you?

#6. Did you have a sunburn? Or are you usually this hot?

#7. Are you Dunkin? Coz I donut wanna spend a second without you!

#8. Hey, are you made of grapes? Coz you’re fine as a wine!

#9. Do you have a map? I just keep getting lost in those eyes.

#10. If you’re a pill, I’d overdose everyday.

#11. You feeling cold? Wanna use me as a pillow?

#12. If you were a fruit, you’d be the “Fine-apple”.

#13. Babe you’re sweet, you can put Hershey’s out of business.

#14. Its illegal to be this cute, you know.

#15. Nice shirt! Can I talk you out of it?

#16. Do you know what’s on the menu? No. ME-N-U!

#17. I hope you know CPR coz you just took my breath away.

#18. Do you believe in love at first sight? Or should I walk by you again?


And that wraps up this bonanza of the best Rizz jokes you can ever read online. Trust me, this is the only blog you will need to get the ultimate jokes about jokes to use on your friends.

These jokes were made out of a random subject but caught the attention so fast that people so fast that it mad reactions from everyone.

I know it was tough to find such Rizz jokes but why do you worry when we are here! Just enjoy the blog and don’t forget to share it with friends.

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