13 Murder Mystery Riddles For Only The Smartest Brains!

Do you think you can become a detective? Then you will love these awesome murder mystery riddles that we have brought for you!

Riddles are a great way to exercise your mind, develop that analytical and out of the box thinking. For people who aspire to be a detective or love Sherlock Holmes movies, these riddles can prove to be a great test!

Murder mystery riddles are unlike other English riddles or interview puzzles that you have seen on our site before. These require more analytical approach, which you have abundance of, right?

So, let’s just stop wasting our time and get started. Just remember one thing, don’t look at the answers first, try to guess it and then confirm, that way these riddles become even more interesting!

13 Best Murder Mystery Riddles For The Smartest Ones

Here goes the list of the best murder mystery riddles that you can test your Detective mind on –

#1. Jessica’s Killer

A lady named Jessica was found dead in her house one morning. The police has already got a list of suspects.

There are 5 suspects – Marcus, Nancy, Kevin, Sheena and John.

The killer has left notes at various places in the house as hints and police are studying them.

First note was in the makeup room. Second note in the art room. Third one in the restroom. Fourth in the compound. Fifth in the underwater room and last one in the shared room.

All of the hints have only 1 line written in there – “The clues are where you find the notes”.

Still, nothing was found in the rooms. Can you help the police?

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#2. The Iced Tea

Two friends – Layla and Liv went on dinner together. They ate their favorite dishes and then both of them ordered iced tea.

Layla drank iced tea faster than Liv. By the time Liv finished her first iced tea, Layla already finished 5.

Liv died while Layla survived. However when police investigated, they found that both drinks were poisoned. Still how come Liv died and Layla didn’t ?

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#3. The Cassette Tape!

A man was found dead in his apartment. When police came, they saw a cassette recorder in his left hand and a gun in his right.

The police officer pressed the play button on the cassette. In the tape, the man said, “I can’t live any more. I don’t have anything else to live for, I’m done!” and then the sound of gunshot.

As soon as the cassette ended, the officer knew it was not a suicide but a murder.

How did he come to this conclusion?

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#4. Rich Man’s Murderer

A very rich man was found dead in his room on a Sunday morning. His wife called the police and explained the scenario.

The police came and investigated the man’s wife and his staff. They gave the following responses –

Wife – I was sleeping.
Butler – I was cleaning the closet.
Maid – I was getting the mail.
Cook – I was preparing breakfast.
Gardener – I was picking fresh vegetables from the garden.

After their interrogation, police arrested the murderer. Who was it and how did they find it ?

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#5. The Clever Serial Killer

There was a serial killer in the city who would kidnap people at night and played a clever game of death with them.

He would give the victim 2 pills. One red and one blue. He said one of them is poisoned and the other one is not. The victim had to choose one pill and the killer takes the other one.

Still, every time, the victim died and the killer survived. How did he manage that ?

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#6. Did Barron do it ?

There was a murder on Chalk Street where a man was shot in the stomach in broad daylight. Police caught a suspect named Barron.

Eye witnesses claimed the victim was coming out of a bread shop when he was murdered. They even said the suspect had brown hair, black eyes and was above 6 feet in height, all of which matches the appearance of Barron.

Barron denied and said he was quietly sitting on a bench when he saw the suspect approach the victim from behind and shoot him. Barron said, “I ran home as fast as I could”.

When he completed, the policeman said Barron was lying and he was the murderer. Did he really do it ?

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#7. Cindy’s Unwanted Guest

Cindy was in her hotel room enjoying a pizza when she heard a ring on her door. She went to the door and asked who was there.

There was a man on the other side and he said nothing. Cindy opened the door and asked the man what did he want.

The man said, “Ooh, I’m sorry, I thought this was my room, I’ll leave you at it”. He then went to the elevator.

Cindy went straight to her phone and called the reception saying there was a dangerous man in the hotel and he should be caught quick.

What made Cindy doubt the man ?

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#8. The Husband’s Killer

A wife and husband went on a long drive and stopped near a lake. The wife killed her husband with a knife in the car. Nobody was around to see that she murdered him.

She then threw his body out of the car into the lake. She was cautious not to leave any fingerprints and made sure no one was watching. Wife then threw the knife off a cliff where it was never to be found and went home.

A couple of hours later, police called her and told her that her husband has been murdered and she needs to come quickly.

As soon as she arrived, the police arrested her. How do they know she was the killer ?

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#9. Who Killed Alex ?

Mrs Smith had a wealthy and a humble neighbor named Alex. One Friday, She made apple pie for Alex and went to his house to deliver.

She noticed that the front door of Alex’s house was ajar and no one was answering the doorbell. There was a crack in the door and Mrs. Smith peeked through it. She saw Alex lying on the floor in a pool of dried blood.

On the porch, there were – Tuesday’s Newspaper, an insurance bill and a flyer for car cleaning service. She called the police and they suspected three people – The Newspaper vendor, the flyer vendor and Alex’s angry ex-wife.

Who murdered Alex ?

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#10. The Clever Travel-Agent

A couple went on trekking trip. During the trip, the wife died and husband returned home. When the police questioned the man, he said, “My wife’s slipped off the mountain cliff we were climbing, I rushed to hold her but and I couldn’t save her in time”

The local sheriff then questioned the couple’s travel agent and upon questioning him, he arrested the husband saying your Travel Agent has confirmed you’re the killer.

How did the Travel agent know the husband killed the wife ?

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#11. The Courtroom Mystery

A woman was in court for the accusation of killing her husband. In the closing statements, the woman’s lawyer surprised everyone when he said, “Her husband isn’t dead, he is just missing. In the next 2 minutes, he is going to walk through that door”.

Everyone in the court including the jury and the lawyers go silent and start looking at the door while the woman stared at the jury.

After 2 minutes, the lawyer said “See, if you were sure that my client killed her husband, you wouldn’t have watched the door”

The jury immediately gave a “Guilty” verdict for the woman. How did the jury know the woman had killed her husband ?

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#12. The Japanese Captain’s Murder

A Japanese ship was sailing through the Pacific Ocean during a thunderstorm. When the storm passed, the captain was found dead the very next morning.

There were 4 people in the ship except the captain that the police detained – The captain’s wife, the engineer, the cook and the maid.

Here were the responses upon asking them of what they were doing during the storm –

Wife – I was in the room.
Engineer – I was fixing the signals.
Cook – I was preparing dinner.
Maid – I was fixing the upside-down turned flag.

Upon the investigation, whom should the police arrest ?

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#13. Adrian’s The Killer!

A man named Adrian went on a hiking trip with his fiancé Lisa and his best friend Ben. Soon after, both Lisa and Adrian were found dead at the bottom of a cliff.

Both of them were fully dressed with warm clothes including several layers of jacket, mittens, woolen trousers and hiking boots.

The police interrogated Ben to know what exactly happened. Ben told the police that Adrian and Lisa had a big fight among them and Adrian got so angry that he picked up a rock and smashed it on Lisa’s head.

Ben continued, “Then Adrian threw her off the cliff. But when he turned around, he saw me and got so startled that he also jumped off the cliff”.

The police found the rock which Ben said Adrian used to hit Lisa and sent it to the lab. The lab test confirmed Adrian’s fingerprints on the rock.

Still, the police arrested Ben. Why ?

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Answers of The Above Mentioned Murder Mystery Riddles

#1. The clue is the first letter of the rooms where clues were found. Makeup room. Art room. Restroom. Compound. Underwater room. Shared room. Hence, the killer is M A R C U S.

#2. The poison was in the ice. Liv waited for ice to melt so her drink was fully poisoned. While Layla didn’t let ice to melt which is why her drink was less poisonous.

#3. If it had been a suicide, how is the cassette recorder playing from the start? Someone else rewind the tape and kept it there.

#4. The maid. There is no Mail delivery on Sundays.

#5. The poison was in the water that victim drinks to gulp down the pill.

#6. Yes Barron was lying. As per Barren, the suspect came on the victim from behind while the victim was shot on his stomach.

#7. If the man claimed this was his room, why did he ring ? If it was his room, he should have the key and would have come straight in.

#8. The police never told the wife the location of the crime scene. How did she know? This is why she was arrested.

#9. The Newspaper vendor. He knew not to deliver newspaper after Tuesday.

#10. The man bought one-way ticket for his wife but a two-way ticket for himself. This is why the travel agent was suspicious.

#11. The woman was staring at the jury as she knew no one is going to walk through the door as her husband was really dead.

#12. The maid. Japanese flag is the same from all the sides and angles. (Red dot in a white background)

#13. If Adrian was wearing mittens, how did his fingerprints end up on the rock ? Ben was lying and he was the one who killed both Lisa and Adrian.


That concludes the list of our murder mystery riddles that you can test your mind on! If you have the detective approach, then do try to guess the correct answer.

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