The Ultimate Ball Jokes Collection

Ball jokes and puns are those jokes which revolve around the male anatomy. These jokes are getting more popular day by day as they can turn up a boring situation into a humorous one.

Throwing out these ball jokes in your friend circle will surely cheer up the atmosphere around you. You can also use these jokes to break the ice as they are filled with good sarcasm and can make anyone laugh.

Believe me, these jokes can make you the center of attraction among your friends when you crack them. You can also share these jokes and puns with your friends on social media to make your conversation entertaining.

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But it is also very important to note that this adult type of humor, so it is better to consider the surroundings while cracking these.

Whether you’re looking for a good source of laughter or want to start a conversation, then the ball jokes can be handy. So, sit back and relax as now comes a laughter ride of hilarious jokes from our side!

110 Ball Jokes You Can’t Resist

Here is the ultimate collection of super hilarious ball jokes that will roll you on the floor!

Jokes about ball

#1. What can you serve but should never eat? A tennis ball.

#2. Why did the soccer player bring string to her game? So she could tie the score.

#3. What do you call a snowman who plays with beach balls? Frosty the Beach Baller!

#4. Where do soccer players go dancing? The Futball.

#5. When is a baby good at basketball? When it’s dribbling.

#6. What do a Christmas tree and a priest have in common? The balls are just for decoration.

#7. What kinds of stories do basketball players tell? Tall tales.

#8. What is the difference between a G-sp*t and a golf ball? A guy will search for a golf ball.

#9. What’s a horse‘s favorite sport? Stable tennis ball.

#10. What are a golfer’s favorite flowers? Fore-get-me-nots.

#11. Where do ghosts play tennis? On a tennis corpse.

#12. What do you call a group of rabbits playing with a ball? A hare ball!

#13. Where do point guards take their girlfriends to dance? Basket Balls.

#14. Why do tennis players always carry a net? In case they forget their racket!

#15. What keeps the beat in a baseball song? The base line.

#16. Why do men fart louder than women? Because they have a microphone and two speakers.

#17. Why couldn’t the basketball player listen to his music? Because he was a record breaker.

#18. Why do midgets laugh when they run? Because the grass tickles their balls.

#19. Why did the basketball go to the doctor? Because it was feeling deflated.

#20. How do vampire footballers get the mud off? They all get in the bat tub.

#21. What can you do with an elephant with three balls? Walk him and pitch to the giraffe.

#22. What do you call a ball with no hair? A Mexican ball.

#23. Why do women rub their eyes when they wake up? Because they don’t have balls to scratch.

#24. Is anyone here about the guy who dipped his balls in glitter? Pretty nuts.

#25. What was the mummy’s favorite football team? The Mummy Dolphins.

#26. Why are fish never good tennis players? They don’t like getting close to the net.

#27. Why don’t basketball players go on vacation? Because they’re always traveling!

#28. What did Cinderella do when she got to the ball? She gagged.

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#29. What are lumberjack baseball players good at? Being the cut-off man.

#30. How do football players stay cool during the game? They stand close to the fans.

#31. What’s the difference between a golf ball and a clitoris? Guys will spend 10 minutes looking for a golf ball.

#32. Why wouldn’t the basketball team play with the third basketball? Because it was an oddball out.

#33. What did Cinderella say when she got to the ball? wow, hairy.

#34. What do you call Clown’s Balls? Jestercles

#35. What do baseball players eat? Home plates.

#36. What’s the difference between snowmen and snowwomen? Snowballs

#37. I was wondering why the ball was getting bigger. Then it hit me.

#38. Why did Tarzan spend so much time on the golf course? He was perfecting his swing.

#39. Why does the chicken have no balls? Because it’s chicken.

#40. Chuck Norris hit the longest home run in MLB history He also caught that ball

#41. Why did the ballerina quit? Because it was tu-tu hard.

#42. Why did the football team go to the bank? To get their quarterback!

#43. Why do girls not have balls Because they don’t.

#44. Why don’t grasshoppers watch soccer? They watch cricket instead.

#45. Why do mice have small balls? Not many of them know how to dance.

#46. What position does a robot play in football? Roback.

#47. Why are basketball players messy eaters? Because they’re always dribbling.

#48. Why did the volleyball go to the hospital? Because it was serving too hard!

#49. Why do golfers wear two pairs of pants? In case they get a hole-in-one!

#50. We’re on the same team when it comes to appreciating a good ball pun.

#51. Why do health inspectors get blue balls? Because they can’t come on the weekends

#52. Why is tennis such a loud sport? The players raise a racquet.

#53. When is a birthday cake like a golf ball? When it’s been sliced.

#54. Why was Cinderella banned from playing sports? — Because she always ran away from the ball.

#55. Why don’t aliens play basketball? Because they’re always shooting for the stars!

#56. Why can orphans play bass ball Because they can’t run home

#57. What’s the difference between a bowling ball & my mother-in-law? The bowling ball doesn’t have a beard.

#58. What do you do when you see an elephant with a basketball? Get out of the way.

#59. What has a net but can’t catch? A basketball hoop.

#60. What do you call a swimming pool with 4 men in it? 8 ball pool.

#61. Why don’t tennis players ever get married? Because love means nothing to them!

#62. Why was the basketball player always cold? Because he kept shooting airballs!

#63. Why did the pitcher refuse to pitch to the batter? Because he was afraid the batter would hit him with the bat-titude!

#64. Why do basketball players love donuts? Because they can dunk them!

#65. What do you call a deer who can play soccer? A goal stag!

#66. What do you call a happy ball? A bouncing ball.

#67. Why did the beach ball blush? Because it saw the ocean’s bottom.

#68. What’s a tennis player’s favorite city? Volley-wood.

#69. Why did the basketball go to the bank? To get its jumper back.

#70. Why did the golf ball go to the doctor? Because it had a slice.

#71. What did the baseball glove say to the ball? “Catch ya later.”

#72. What do you call a ball that’s always happy? A smiley face.

#73. What do you call a ball that’s always in trouble? A troublemaker.

#74. What cartoon character is the best at baseball? Homer Simpson.

#75. When is a baseball player like a spider? When he catches a fly.

Ball Puns

Now take a look at the funniest ball puns to leave you in stitches. Here we go!

Ball Puns

#1. Basketball is suing tennis, and now they have to go to court.

#2. Let’s not drop the ball on this one.

#3. Balls are annoying they just bounce and never keep still

#4. The man who invented soccer got a kick out of it.

#5. That joke was a real curveball!

#6. I’m really on the ball today!

#7. I’m going to give it my best shot.

#8. I’m going to hit this one out of the park.

#9. That was a real hat trick of a performance.

#10. The tennis ball said to the racket, ‘you bring out the best in me”

#11. I recently went to a football themed party with my friends. We had an absolute ball.

#12. If I had a crystal ball. I’d sit down a lot more carefully.

#13. He’s got a lot of balls in the air right now.

#14. I had a ball at the party, but then it bounced away.

#15. He’s really got a lot of balls to do that.

#16. I’m a big fan of balls, especially when they’re punny.

#17. Let’s not fumble the ball now.

#18. That was a really bad bounce.

#19. The guy missed both his serve on match point. I won by de-fault.

#20. A tennis ball walks into a bar. Barman asks: hey have you been served.

#21. Let’s keep our eye on the ball.

#22. I kicked a ball at the kid in the wheelchair and now we’re playing rocket league.

#23. That was a real ace!

#24. How do you make a pool table laugh? Tickle its balls

#25. Let’s not let the ball drop and miss our chance.

#26. It’s ball or nothing

#27. I got hit in the balls by a tennis ball

#28. My Eskimo friend recently quit his tennis club. I guess he just wasn’t Inuit.

#29. Snowmen and Snowwomen take a stomach piece and make snowballs.

#30. I threw the dog a ball the other day. It was a bit extravagant but he looks great in a tuxedo.

#31. It doesn’t get putter than this

#32. When the pitch is flooded, soccer players can still go on. They just need to bring on their subs.

#33. I heard that tennis balls have a soft side. That’s why they’re always crying.

#34. I tried to make a ball out of spaghetti, but it just ended up being a meatball.

#35. I’m not great at sports, but I’m good at ballroom dancing.

To Conclude,

Congratulations you have made it to the end. There is no denying the fact that ball jokes are a great way to add a touch of fun and humor to your day-to-day conversation. These can also inject humor into everyday life, as long as they are used with care and consideration.

So this was our ultimate collection of ball puns and jokes you will ever encounter. We hope you enjoy reading these jokes from the beginning to the end.

Also, don’t forget to share these jokes with your pals. Till then, see you again!

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